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For the firetruckspotters out there. (Additional pics by clicking on either the link or photos below...)



Caught some video and stills.



I'm willing to bet you've not seen this sorta detail out of a model Fire Truck before! (Thanks to Bob Channing via NZFire)

So... wow.. where to begin?

- Flew to Auckland for a follow-up interview at a new job. They liked me, and made me an offer - which i've accepted. So yes, you heard right... we're moving back to Auckland! We've spent several days just coming to grips with the scope of this decision (I have infact been deliberating over it for days, and didn't sleep too well the first few nights) because despite the job being an awesome opportunity, and despite Auckland being home... the disruption to our family is not insignificant, and i'm having to wear that as a part of the 'cost'. Thus far the plan is for me to head up on my own once my notice period at my current job is finished, and for the rest of the family to stay in Upper Hutt until the term finishes, to give our daughter a chance to finish up Kindergarten gracefully and to have a big do with all her friends (who she's going to miss terribly).

- Finally got some resolution (too little, too late) from my current employer regarding a dispute i've had with them for several months. Infact, it's not really a resolution at all, but a 'wangle' that's gotten me part of the way toward the end state I wanted, but really, isn't anywhere close. Yet to see the actual outputs to this 'resolution' and still evaluating where-to-from-here, especially in light of my resignation now pending.

- One Tantrum to Rule Them All. Or actually, two. Laura is impressive at full steam...

- Left the keys in my car overnight - with the stereo running. Dead battery this morning. Talk about feel stupid. Fortunately our friendly neighbours gave me a jump start...

- Anzac Day, with its usual significance. Skipped the dawn parade this morning (we need every drop of sleep we can get).

I'm gonna be fairly busy for a few hours tomorrow morning; a little plug for the Trentham Fire Station Open Day happening tomorrow. Come on over and take a look! Open to the public from 11 til 3, i'll be there from about 0900 til lunchtimeish...

Stuff are on the ball with the news that most of us were probably expecting anyway.

In short:

* Driving Age Minimum 15 -> 16; (in the end, a move of questionable value)

* "Requiring novice drivers to have 120 hours' supervised practice before driving alone" (I for one want to know how 'novice' is defined and how on earth this'll be managed/scaled/audited);

* Introducing a zero drink-drive limit for drivers under 20; (how it should be)

* Better education; (HELL YES!)

* An investigation into vehicle power restrictions. (requires very careful implementation.)

"A second package to address alcohol and drug impaired drivers would go to Cabinet next month. It included compulsory alcohol interlock devices and a zero limit for repeat drink driving offenders." Sounds good to me.

Important point to flag: "He said Cabinet would consider changes to the give way rule later in the year and public input would be sought. "

So the right turn rule for which NZ is notorious, is to be changed - but not immediately and there will be consultation which is of course, horrendously important.

So whilst I can imagine there'll be uproar in some circles, i'm in wait-and-see mode. Most of the above changes actually seem quite logical. I'm not entirely convinced that the change to the driving age will be a big benefit (the problems with driver inexperience are just that, inexperience... age is a limited factor and infact starting younger probably improves your experience levels?!) but the drinking law change is a given (existing limits so low as to not be worth risking anyway) and of course, improved education for those working through the drivers licensing schema is an excellent move. Kiwi drivers are notoriously poorly educated on a world scale.

Let the knee-jerking begin??

Yes indeed. Started with a bang at about 0430 with Benjamin demanding a feed, which was duly administered. Unfortunately as has been par for the course lately, doing so (and the burping, etc), ran to over an hour and even more unfortunately, I began to suspect his ability to deal with the nasal drip he's been coping with as a byproduct of his allergy. This caused me concern enough to wake up Liz at about 0600 and for us to together, agree shortly thereafter that a visit to the Afterhours (Accident and Emergency at Hutt Hospital) was on the cards.

For those unaware, our son Ben (born in December) has been exhibiting the same symptoms as our daughter did 4 years ago, with regards to an allergy to Dairy. Rash, irritability, and other symptoms abound, and in essence its been getting harder and harder to feed him and settle him afterward. Over the last few days, sleep was getting harder to come by (we estimate his hours of sleep in the time to Midday Saturday was in the order of 2 hours for the previous 36.)

We've been working the system as we're meant to, to get Ben's situation addressed. A visit to a (private) paediatrician recently didn't help much, as it appears he doesn't subscribe to the kinds of problems our Son is facing. With serious concerns for his wellbeing, the only way to accellerate our getting help through the public system was to visit A&E. So we did this; we were there by shortly before 0730 this morning.

Fortunately, given that it was early on a Sunday, the ER was quiet. We were seen relatively quickly and after briefing the registrar, then a junior Paed doc, we waited for the Paediatrician. Ben moved between quiet, and loudlyuncomfortable, while we waited. And waited. I must recognise, though, that the staff at the ER were excellent, friendly and helpful - they checked on us regularly and made sure we were well looked after. Biggie ups to them! The chief delays are around waiting for doctors/specialists.

"Banked for Treaty Settlement". AKA, dead idle, and open to vandalism. Sad, sad stuff...

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