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Most of you will have by now come across the website www.justfuckinggoogleit.com. If you havn't, well, you probably don't need to - unless you're the kind of person who likes asking dumb questions.

In an Internet Context 'Dumb Questions' often translates to 'Questions that you could find the answer on fairly quickly by usin Google'.

Google, of course, is the world renowned search engine; Googling is basically synonymous with websearching nowadays. (There are many alternatives, of course.... Yahoo, Altavista, Ask Jeeves, et al).

I'm member of a number of email mailing lists. I even administer a few. Most of the IT-related ones are populated by people who have learnt over time that demonstrating lack-of-cloo (clue, aka smarts aka commonsense) is one way to get rapidly into peoples bad books. However theres a few others I participate in - I won't identify them for reasons of tact, however - where members are not people whos skills necessarily lie in IT. To them, I say 'good on ya' for adopting a technology based way of keeping in touch.

And at the same time, I say 'The Lord helps those who Help Themselves'. (And i'm not a Christian. Its just something my mother used to tell me. I think.)

Eg. Engage brain before asking questions for which the answer is obvious!


Person A in a post to a public mailing list, population >100, in a reply to a message posted by person B:

"Person B can you please contact me offlist".

Now I have to ask.. What stopped Person A from simply replying to the senders email address - every post has a valid from: - instead of emailing >100 people when noone else cares?

In a similar vein.. Person A posts asking for Person B to contact them offlist or by phone or whatever. However... Person B last posted to the list a matter of days (or hours) beforehand - so chances are the email is a) still in the guys inbox, b) filed somewhere, or c) archived on the web somewhere!

NZ Herald reports on the successful location of a missing boats crew.

The Boat sunk.

"They had no oars, no flares, no lifejackets and they didn't tell anyone where they were going,"

I seriously think that this should be a prosecutable situation. How much did it cost in SAR resources to put up an aircraft and get people in the water etc to look for them?

Stupid. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

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