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Police are being hammered for the discounts they are eligible to with certain vendors - like McDonalds.. Good grief, don't people have better things to worry about?

The people bleating about this subject are obviously taking their sweet time to become familiar with the situation.

Firstly its not like the Police Officers as individuals are accepting gratuities - which is what the legislation that keeps being cited is all about. Theres no bribary. here. The Police Association - an organisation for Police, but not a Police Agency or anything like that - has negotiated discounts with a selection of organisations.... y'know, Telecommunications, Tyre Companies, Discounts at Hotels...

In short its the equivalent association to the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society. Lots of public service organisations set up similar. Its a loyalty thing - helps provide a benefit to your staff - and keeps morale up. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of reciprocal (or even simply charitable) courtesy amongst professionals.

It does NOT mean to introduce BIAS. It does NOT constitute a BRIBE or anything similarly dodgy!.

In short I say GET OVER IT...

I finally got around to putting these somewhere they can be found.

For the archives.

Well I was being a bit of a numty the other day, and accidentally made a bill payment for $~340 to the wrong company...

Instead of the Power Company it went to, it went to Mercury Energy - who I havn't had dealings with for 18 months.. whoops!!!

Upon realising this I got in touch with them (the next business day at that stage) and they not only had already seen the money land in their accounts, but understood my explanation pretty quickly.

They assured me that they'd get a refund out within 2-3 business days.

Refund came through today - thats only 1 day. No penalty or fee or any other junk.

Sweet!! Thanks Mercury, my confidence in you is building... just a shame you don't supply power in Wellington.

As for another of the Power Co's i've been dealing with, Genesis Energy... thats a whole nother blog in itself. The short version, however, would be a strong recommendation to avoid them like the plague. Money Grabbing corporate bullies. :|

Earthquake tonight in Auckland is being widely discussed online at present.

Heres the screenshot from

TV News has just reported that there were two quakes, 3.7 and 4.5 on the Richter Scale, centered off the coast of Orewa. Aucklands Airports are currently closed to aircraft whilst the runways are inspected... more to come.

Freaky stuff. Biggest Quake for the region in more than 10 years. Auckland is a large volcanic zone, so this could be a potentially significant event....

A quick note from our household to yours: Merry Christmas!

After an entertaining evening with family and friends at our place, have finished sorting out presents for the bub and setting up for Santas visit tonight - our first real 'family Christmas' at home.

Actually feeling pretty good - and its been a long time since i've felt quite like this, and im thoroughly enjoying it.

Wishing you all all the best for the Holidays... I hope Santa brings you all that you wish for!

Snapped this one on Sunday night...

Kinda pretty, I thought, even with my el-crappo Camera! The view is of Wellington City, taken across the harbour from the Petone Foreshore, a little after 8pm NZST...

One wonders whether the Major Scrub Fire Situation in Victoria, AU [NZ Herald] has much to do with the brilliant nature of the horizons haze...

Received word this evening that my Uncle Claude - my mothers oldest brother - was mugged/attacked whilst working on his delivery run in London (he drives a Truck, I gather.... never really been clear exactly what he does! All legit tho haha)

Info is third hand, but from what I can gather, he was stabbed 4 times (two in the back, two in the front) and they're having to operate on him due to serious internal injuries.

All this less than 48 hours before my Grandmother is supposed to board a plane with my Cousin and come to NZ to see us. Hows that for timing? :|

Hang in there Uncle....

Recently there was a brutal murder of a 26 year old man in Botany Downs, Auckland.

The Herald covered it:

Three people arrested at homicide scene, neighbours say

Arrests in Botany Downs Death Case

Home-Invasion Victim touched many lives

And now that i've had a chance to do some reading on it, I've found other articles:

XtraMSN: Home Invasion Victim To Be Buried Friday. (And I read it Saturday. hrmph).

I had managed to catch just one telecast news bulletin which mentioned his name - and have to admitt when his name was read out as "Jason Noe Kia Chong Boon" i thought in passing 'I went to school with a guy called Jason Boon" and didn't have time to process that thought any further. (Work has been rediculously busy lately).

It was a phonecall from my sister a coupla days later - being earlier this week - when she had finally heard about it (god knows how often she gets the news...!) that the penny fully dropped. And today i've had a chance to confirm it for my own satisfaction.

I knew Jason from school. He was a-friend-of-a-classmate and though I got on with him well enough most of the time, where one of the articles referenced above notes his readiness with a joke or prank - I just saw him as a pain in the backside regarding his smartass attitude.

Still, he wasnt a bad sort. He was good mates with a very good friend of mine back in 4th form or therabouts, anyway, and well, noone deserves that sorta treatment - certainly he didn't!.

My sister was quite cut up when she called. She was quite involved in the clubbing scene in Auckland and had gotten to know Jason through that environment as well, I gather. So sad for her, too...

Not a bad weekend. A quiet one, for a change. Minus being called out for work, I guess, but none of it required leaving home - fortunate for me...

... Took Laura to the Botanical Gardens today. They're definately not as flat as the Auckland ones, typical Wellington I suppose. (You'd keep fit if you were navigating your way around there on a regular basis.. !).

Laura had a ball at the kiddie park, though it was chilling down by the time we left. Timed well. Couldn't get out of the house any earlier than we did (around 1430) - sleeping in until midday was a rarity!! And then I had work stuff for an hour or two, between domesticated tasks...

dpa and wyld went to the supermarket tonight to grab some bits for Dinner, and while they were in the queue every single PoS system in the place failed. Good timing eh! So its Pizza Hutt tonight.

Tonights pet peeve? Its either a C17, or a Hercules. Its not both:

Antarctic supply flight departs Christchurch. I'm guessing its a Hercules they're talking about (Being a C-130), wasn't aware that the Globemaster III (C-17) was being used for Antarctic runs... Score one against Newstalk ZB / New Zealand Herald...

Another busy week awaits...

Happy 1st Birthday Laura!

One very happy 1 year old (with one very proud set of parents).

The Birthday party was held at a local church hall and was themed around the 'Rubber Duckie' (think about Ernies lil solo performance in the Bathtub.) It was a hit with attending youngsters and adults alike.

Thanks to all who attended and made the party a success. There's more photos in my Gallery.

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