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Liz and I have a little idea, and we need your help...

If you have a few minutes, could you please check out This Survey ...

Self explanatory, and won't take more than a few minutes.


He doesn't have a name yet... though perhaps 'Toe Eater' is appropriate... teeth on my toes is somewhat freaky to experience...

Yep, we finally did it. Liz and I are Man and Wife. ;-)

EDIT: The first coupla photos are now available in my Gallery. More are to come.

With the guest list at around 80, family and friends of Liz and I were invited to witness and celebrate our Wedding which was held at Turnbull House, Wellington, on 2 Feb 2008.

But there's a bit more to the story than that.


What a day. I suppose weddings are very much meant to be the kind of thing you never forget... this one definately counts. Unfortunately though I don't think i'd quite realised exactly how much there is to do on the day of the Wedding until it was far too late... aka I wasn't organised enough!

I dropped Liz off at her mum's place in Lower Hutt for shortly after 8am and grabbed breakfast for Laura and I at a local McDonalds on the way back home. Liz headed off with the ladyfolk into the city to get Hair and Makeup sorted while I 'babysat' and simultaneously finished off some of the final details yet to be sorted; the Wishing Well, the Signage for the Table Layouts and my Suit. I also loaded up the car with all the remaining equipment required (that Liz hadn't packed for me before she left!) - toys for the kids, the centrepieces and other such stuff had to make it to the venue and these were delivered on friday PM (the rehearsal) and with me on the Saturday. On the day, me plus Kiddo = car full by the time you add everything else. :-)

I'd agreed to meet the Ladyfolk (minus the bride!) in the city at 1pm to do a kid-exchange and sort out our Hotel (which was the venue the Girls used to get ready, being relatively handy and already paid for.) I dropped my car there and had Gavin (one of my Groomsman) squeeze me in the back of his Prelude to get up to David (another Groomsman) and Kellys place, which was to be the Guys venue for the get-ready-phase. Matt (the Best Man) met us there.

I don't think there's many New Zealanders who aren't today a little saddened by the news that at 0900 this morning, Sr Edmund Hillary passed away, aged 88.

He is of course a world renowned explorer, mountaineer and all-around-nice-guy who was the first to climb Mt Everest.

I had the fortune to meet Sir Ed briefly a couple of years ago, and he was indeed a humble, noble man.

He'll be missed, thats for sure. Rest in peace, Sir Ed.

From a bright and sunny morning, to this:

It was enough that entire road surfaces were liberally sprinkled.... over most of Upper Hutt.

Not bad for a summers day eh?? More in my Gallery.

My sister put me onto this article from interviewing Rhys Jones. As it works out, Rhys (and his 3 brothers) were childhood friends of my sister and I from wayyy back-in-the-day.

I say good on him for having the courage to be so frank and upfront about it his situation; i'm sure it'll help give those who're dealing with their own issues, some additional confidence and perspective on the subject.

Our Lil one turned 2 today... !

An interesting comparison, from her First Birthday to today....

Thats a years worth of progress.. wowweeeee...

Proud Daddy. :D

Tane got his hands on the Louis Vitton Cup... literally!

Tane and his partner Prue have recently dissapeared on their 'OE' to Europe via Dubai and (obviously), Valencia. I'm jealous... !

Check out his site - Maori On The Run - for his latest blogs and many more photos...

Good stuff man :)

[EDIT 1140hrs 5-JUN-07 - Coie has been found safe and well. The Brisbane Times carries the article. My thanks to all those who expressed their support!]

See also the front page of the Brisbane Times (Article Here - 4 JUN 07 - "Family fears for missing daughter") and also Crimestoppers Australia. Coie Wilson is my COUSIN.

We're all quite concerned, as you can well imagine, so if you know anything that may help, please contact Queensland Police - or me, and i'll pass it on. Theyre looking for sightings of both her, and her Van, during the course of the Weekend.

Where are you Coie???

More links:

ABC News Australia 4 JUN 07 - "Woman missing after night out in Fortitude Valley"

NineMSN 4 JUN 07 updated - "Missing young Qld woman found"

The Courier Mail Queensland 4 JUN 07 - "Hunt for woman as car found"

Updated CourierMail Story from 5 JUN 07 - "Girl vanishes before birthday"

'Found' article from ABC News Australia 5 JUN 07 - "Missing Brisbane woman found safe"

'Found' article from the Courier Mail 5 JUN 07

"Missing Girl Sorry for Worry" - Courier Mail 6 JUN 07

This morning I attended the ANZAC Day Dawn Parade in Upper Hutt. This marks the first time that I have been out on parade for ANZAC Day since I was in the Scouting Movement / St John Cadets many years ago.

This year - as always - members of Hutt Valley Fire Police were encouraged to attend their local service, and I paraded with a half-dozen members of HVFP as well as some members of Silverstream who were with us.

The New Zealand Defence Force were very well represented, their Tri-Service contingent easily numbering more than 100. (The obvious proximity of Trentham Army Camp and HQJFNZ means that Upper Hutt is the 'local' for them. Despite this, Members of NZDF are usually represented all across the region, with Servicepeople encouraged to attend their local service and provide representation for NZDF to the ceremony.

Also present were the local Cadet Corps, Air Training Corps and Sea Cadet Corps; Members of the Scouting Movement, the Girl Guides, Red Cross and more. Even the duty crew from Rimutaka Fire Station were standing at attention next to their appliance as the parade marched past.

When the masses assembled outside the Civic Centre in Upper Hutt for the memorial service, the NZDF behind the Veterans, and then the Fire Service, the Cadet Forces and the other Communit Groups, the numbers really began to show. I get the impression it was a large turnout compared to usual Upper Hutt events and well, I was glad to be there.

It really does pay to be reminded of the sacrifices of our forefathers in return for the free world in which we live, and it is likewise invigorating to see everyone else paying the same respects. It is at the same time a moment for both pride and humility.

So I was there, wearing the uniform of the service that I give much of my own time to, to pay tribute to those who've gone before. And i'm glad I did so, and really should be again making it a habit to attend an ANZAC service every year. I challenge those of you who don't, to seriously think about it for 2008 and beyond.

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