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Official Police Release.

Despite the careful phrases used, it is almost certainly the missing girl, Aisling Symes.... and I expect that all of New Zealand is now comiserating with the family.

Sad, sad stuff that's got a whole nation glued to the news.

My respects to the family and friends.

Doin' my bit to spread the word. Good luck guys. This is evil, evil stuff (Rachael tells me the Pup must've been targetted given the nature of the break-in-and-grab) and the punks responsible need to be brought to justice. So sad!!

Okay so recent events in a single post...

Having returned from Brisbane (Photos on Facebook for those who can see them) i've been working like a bit of a maniac on several different projects at work... between that and other bits and pieces i've been very, very busy.

Other bits and pieces include having been 'officially confirmed' as a member of the NZOSS Council at their AGM last week. This after having been either a 'defacto' or 'coopted' member of the council since pretty much the inception of NZOSS.... somehow it's now more 'real' - and it feels good, to be honest. I do have to be careful not to overcommitt myself - but the Society seem to be happy with what I manage to contribute and i'm more than happy to continue supporting freedom of choice in the software world.

With that in mind I attended the Open Government Barcamp yesterday. Very interesting to get ~160 interested, enthusiastic and clooful people together to identify real issues that can be addressed - or at the very least, raised to the attention of people who can. Todays hackfest was the practical side - unfortunately due to personal committments (like actually needing to see my family! heh) I had to skip it. Still, the Barcamp was very useful. Of particular interest was NZGOAL - Government Open Access and Licensing initiative which is looking to greatly simplify the gotchas around making government information accessible and usable by the populace. A video helped paint a picture. Suprisingly I havnt found the video itself on Youtube yet...

I have to admit I didn't know about this until this morning.

But Rick Smith - who narrowly missed being killed in an explosion some 20 years ago - is a colleague from the Amateur Radio world.

Interestingly, I'm pretty sure I also know the Security Guard who saved his life back-in-the-day, when a substation at Defence Headquarters at Stout St, Wellington, exploded. There's a more detailed article, too.

Kudos to both of them for keeping their tradition alive.

Had opportunity to snap a few quick shots of a beautiful morning:

This time thanks to a random gunman pulling a rifle on students..

not the first time. It'd be nice to see a non-violent reason for press!!

Ok, so i'm all a buzz right now - but I finally recognised myself on TV :P

I was at a Fire Police callout in Pinehaven and a TV 1 News guy was there for a while.

i found the video clip on the TVNZ Website.

Look for me in the clip starting around 1:44. I'm in a beanie... :)

Very sad to be notified this morning of the passing of Fraser McGaughran aka Fhoneman. I've referenced him a coupla times on here, he's been a good friend for several years, tied up with the NZScanners chatroom and regularly featuring within the local fire community as someone with a strong interest and a good eye with the camera lens.

You will be seriously missed, Fhoneman old friend. I will miss chatting with you all-but daily and your reliable fountain of knowledge with regards to things happening on the radiowaves.

Rest in Peace, mate.

PS: Yes my spelling sucked when I first submitted this entry :\

[Edit: Derek has put up a little bit of a tribute which is quite fitting I believe. The service is on Monday, which I will miss due to business travel. Damn. :(]

[Newer Edit: has been salvaged in his memory. Good stuff.]

A thread on Toyspeed pointed me at the Otago Daily Times...

'barryogen' aka Dave Hall was a guy who garnered some respect from my corner as a stand up contributor to the Toyspeed community. I'm pretty sure he's in my contact list(s) too...

Tragic, Tragic news. My condolances to his family on their loss... very, very sad.

Fairly decent sorta burn.

I got snapped by Derek Quinn.

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