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Yeah, i'm getting old in a day or two. :-) So in celebration we had a few friends around tonight for some food and drink, and to share in this remarkable birthday cake that my good wife made for me this week.

What can I say? It rocks. Or Rocked, until we performed a 'front cut'. ;-)

We also found one of the best uses ever for an iPad.

So yup... we're well and truly here, and I think our Auckland-ness is finally sinking in. :-)
We're baaaaaaaack!

New place to live (Birkdale, on the Shore, a suburb i'm still making my mind up about...)
House is nice, though.
The new car I picked up as a work-hack finally gets infront of my camera:


Today I hear about the passing of 'Lindsa' who I mainly knew from Twitter.

A guy with a quick wit whos comments were entertaining. Turns out he was fairly well regarded in the NZ Twittersphere and there's lots of 'OMG' going around at the moment.

This tacks onto more interesting news from the twittersphere: Lynne Pope tweeted that our mutual friend Nic had had an altercation with some motorists who objected to his taking a photo of their car. Of course, their car was illegally parked in a disabled car park at the time, and Nic runs a website dedicated to outing folks who do this. Unfortunately it appears that today, Stuff have picked it up and spun it in the negative.

Nic tweeted: "Am at A&E because this arvo a car parked illegally in disability space backed out while I was still talking to them. Flipped wheelchair"

Unfortunately the news article talks about Nic having 'grabbed the steering wheel' and other such nonsense. Ever seen a person in a wheelchair reach high enough to get their arm in the window and grab the steering wheel? Nic has of course pointed out he didn't do this. I more think that the driver knew they were in the wrong, and were caught doing wrong, and didn't like it.

The reporter who put the above Stuff article together should seriously be pulled up over the one-sided nature of their article. Yes, Nic is in discussions with Campbell Live (and yes, i'll be watching) but that's no reason to take other people's skin at face value.

I know Nic well enough to know he's probably closer to the truth than is being reported, that's enough for me. :( SADFACE.

Is now a good time to observe that this is my Niece?

Sadly this complaint is not a new one, my family (my wife in particular) have had some very poor experiences with bus drivers in the Hutt.

This gets coupled with what I tend to see of them most - their utterly inconsiderate drivers. This extends to Newlands bus services as well.

Bus drivers on the whole seem to have a bad rap - but I can't say it's not undeserved yet either!!

So... yeah... I think i've mentioned it on here before, but it's definately official now; i'm becoming an Aucklander again.

As of Saturday i'm domiciled back in Auckland; currently staying with my friend Nick while I 'sort myself out'.

The sorting includes getting settled into work; finding a new car, and a place for the family.

Hoping to bring everyone else up during the school holidays in July. So the hunting will begin in earnest from next week onwards, in terms of rental places. In the meantime i'm trying to sort out some wheels to get around in (hard to hunt for houses if you're immobile!)

Grateful to Nick and his fiance Lisa for their gracious hospitality; Lisa even loaned me her car for today to help me get to work and back. :)

Missing the wife and kids, I must say. Nothing quite like cuddles from your loved ones!

So in the meantime I bury myself in other matters. Today I set up an Ubuntu 10.04 box at work, to use as a 'second system' to provide me with a test bed for some stuff, and to free me from needing to have my laptop running constantly.

First thing I noticed was that They've Moved the Buttons that control Minimize, Maximize and Close. what a pain.

Fortunately the Python script Linked works very nicely, and i've been able to restore the old location. I'm moving between Windows and Linux constantly, a little bit of consistency (especially when you consider the habits of many, MANY years) is not too much to ask for!

Of course the Apple fanboys can keep things where they like them. Should be a choice. :-)

So while I settle into my new job (learning curve = steep, but a good challenge for me) I'll also get a chance to do some more tinkering, which is nice. Gotta brush-up on my Cisco-fu though.

The AA?

Or Transit NZ?:

Both images taken ~0800 this morning. Who would YOU believe?

Please check it out - bear in mind the team had exactly 48 hours from start to end, including scripwriting, script learning, rehearsal, sets, cameras, lighting, sound, filming, editing...

Look for my name in the credits :-) Please watch it to the end! Each 'view' is counted and we could be in for some cool prizes if our view count is up there!

Oh here's the Official 'Screening Room' page. We also filmed an Intro Sequence which shows the cast and crew (and me!):

At kickoff, teams are given certain compulsary aspects to their film. Spotted ours?

- Edit, nearly forgot: Script Line: "When you look at it that way"
- Character: Sydney Manson, a Fabricator
- Prop: A Broken Toy
- Effect: A Zoom Dolly Shot
- Theme: Twins

The Theme is unique on a by-team basis (but repeated, i.e. in any given heat there may be several themes involved, with only one or two duplications) but the other parts were requisite in all entries.

So yup... the rumours are definately true...
I've landed a new job, based in Auckland, so my resignation is now in. I move to Auckland at the end of May, and the family will follow several weeks later.

So now the planning begins... !!

Meanwhile in the light-reading department, interesting to see folks making posts on how to tell Ubuntu 10.04 (just released, new long-term-stable) that you prefer some of the Older Apps that used to ship as default.

I for one prefer Ubuntu and Firefox. But I admit to looking forward to the idea of trying out 10.04 - when I lay my hands on a speccy enough machine to justify it...

So... wow.. where to begin?

- Flew to Auckland for a follow-up interview at a new job. They liked me, and made me an offer - which i've accepted. So yes, you heard right... we're moving back to Auckland! We've spent several days just coming to grips with the scope of this decision (I have infact been deliberating over it for days, and didn't sleep too well the first few nights) because despite the job being an awesome opportunity, and despite Auckland being home... the disruption to our family is not insignificant, and i'm having to wear that as a part of the 'cost'. Thus far the plan is for me to head up on my own once my notice period at my current job is finished, and for the rest of the family to stay in Upper Hutt until the term finishes, to give our daughter a chance to finish up Kindergarten gracefully and to have a big do with all her friends (who she's going to miss terribly).

- Finally got some resolution (too little, too late) from my current employer regarding a dispute i've had with them for several months. Infact, it's not really a resolution at all, but a 'wangle' that's gotten me part of the way toward the end state I wanted, but really, isn't anywhere close. Yet to see the actual outputs to this 'resolution' and still evaluating where-to-from-here, especially in light of my resignation now pending.

- One Tantrum to Rule Them All. Or actually, two. Laura is impressive at full steam...

- Left the keys in my car overnight - with the stereo running. Dead battery this morning. Talk about feel stupid. Fortunately our friendly neighbours gave me a jump start...

- Anzac Day, with its usual significance. Skipped the dawn parade this morning (we need every drop of sleep we can get).

As I posted to Facebook the other day.... :D :D :D

With thanks to the Wellywood Sign Generator. :-)

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