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From all here at - a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.

Even my daughter got into the groove of things:

So it must be the season!


Went down to Wellington Thurs AM for a 2 day course as part of work.
Stayed the weekend (Liz and Baby having flown down on Friday to join me) to find a new place to live.
Found a nice place in the Hutt suburb of Waiwhetu (Lower Hutt) and all signed up...

So its all on ! By 11 Jan all our stuff will be down there.... scary!!!

But yeah. Glad to be home...

Oh, more news. Laura's getting her first teeth!!! Sooo cute to see her sucking on her Gums trying to inspire them to finally pop out and stop bugging her. Shes been on the whole so damn well behaved lately, makes me so proud....

Some guys I was talking to online started discussing the EQ that hit about 9:10pm tonight, so I grabbed this:

Image is here. Its a bit big to embed..
Credit to Quite a lil spike there.... This sorta stuff makes me rethink my move to the region :|

Heres the info as listed on geonet shortly afterward:

Reference Number: 2499328/G
Universal Time: December 13 2005 at 8:09
NZ Daylight Time: Tuesday, December 13 2005 at 9:09 pm
Latitude, Longitude: 41.09°S, 174.87°E
Focal Depth: 30 km
Richter Magnitude: 4.5

10 km north-east of Porirua
10 km north of Lower Hutt
20 km south-west of Paraparaumu
20 km north of Wellington

Felt throughout the Wellington region.

My cousin Nicola has just had her first child - a Son.
My cousins on my Dads side were always fairly close as the family regularly did things together, shes only a couple of years older than me and the two of us were the 'oldest' so its a sign of things to come perhaps! (Next oldest is only just 21...)

Anycase her BabyBlog is found here for interests sake. Maybe she'll reciprocate at some point :P

... for the week, on training with Work. But hey, at least I have internet in my hotel room that isnt costing me the earth...

Well I suppose the graph says it all - with thanks to (click on image to link through):

When they said it was too close to call...
The difference is ~21,000 votes between National and Labour, at this point.
This translates to one List Seat in the House of Representatives.

The complication now though, is that Labour and the Greens - who've preagreed to be a coalition government - still dont have a majority.
Whether NZ First or the Maori Party are likely coalition partners - ... ugh.

Time will tell.. but there it is.. as of 11:30pm on election night.

As the following photo shows.. this is what happens when the Freezer is left off for ~2.5 hours and then switched back on without being inspected first.. ! (Ok it probably needed defrosting before then...)

I learnt this afternoon that Jumbo ZL1HV passed away this morning.
In Ham Radio parlance, he has become a Silent Key.

Known to one and all as Jumbo, Arthur Godfrey was more than 90 years old and has been a huge influence on Amateur Radio throughout most of those 90 years. A Past President of NZART as well as North Shore Radio Club, Jumbo's name and callsign were very well known and highly regarded. He had a keen interest in radio and technology and was the oldest Linux Enthusiast I knew. We even had friends in common through the Auckland Linux Users Community. He had a leading hand in the ZL1AB Packet Radio Station among other things. He was also very strong in the areas of Civil Defence and AREC, having been instrumental in many of the North Shore AREC events including the construction of their CD/Comms Caravan [Photo of both Jumbo and the Caravan].

Jumbo was always a firm supporter of myself and the Young Amateurs of New Zealand and will be dearly missed. Although I didn't see him very often (Living in South Auckland limited my exposure to North Shore Club members), he was always friendly and amiable to deal with. I last saw him a few months ago whilst giving a presentation to North Shore Radio Club members. He was fit, alert and very spry for a man of his years.

Rest in piece, friend. 73.

Wyldangel aka my better half ;) is welcomed to She'll be posting up Facts and Quotes of the day as a component of her own blog, within this system. Thus you now have two of us to put up with.

Also I've got a new default theme up my sleeves. New look, requires a new logo which i'm working on. (Or asking people to work on for me :P).

Users with their own sign-ins will retain the ability to manually configure the old one if they prefer it, of course.

:) Ciao, BJ.

Laura Kate was born at about 9:30pm Sunday Night after a loooooong drawn out labour. Mother and daughter both healthy.... however reality is taking its time setting in!!! Such a perfect wee thing...

I figured that theres going to be a barrage of 'pics please' - so here it is! ;-)

PS: 7 and a halfish Pounds. For the record, and 54cm in Length.. apparently this is normal stuff to mention in your birth announcement. So i'm acting on reader feedback. :)

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