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About Spam, Junk Mail, UCE, etc etc.
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The Government aims to free email inboxes from unwanted spam messages with the tabling in Parliament of a bill that would make it illegal to send them.

The legislation, which has long been in the works, will allow fines of up to $500,000 for organisations sending out unsolicited email messages in bulk and up to $200,000 for individuals.

As only 10 per cent of spam is generated locally, the bill will look to build a framework for co-operation with overseas authorities to shut down spammers operating abroad.

Internet users will complain in the first instance to their internet provider about spam email, and the Department of Internal Affairs will act as an internet watchdog if the matter is taken further.

Key points?

  • This is NZ Legislation and only applys to Local spammers - about 10% of the source.
  • Punishments are fines - not jail terms. Good or not?
  • Internet users will complain to their internet provider about spam, with the DIA watching carefully.

Now.. having been the ISP rep responsible for spam reports more than a couple of times in the last 5 years - this is crap. Either the reporter has it wrong, or whoevers dealing with it is on the wrong end of the stick...

What theyre saying, is that if i'm a customer of ISP X and receive a spam message (that was sent by or via ISP Y) - that ISP X has to take my complaint.

Spam investigation rule 1 - the SOURCE provider is the only one that can identify who a spammer is.
Its their network. They can resolve an IP address assigned out of a dynamic pool that their customers share back to an individual internet access account, when this is put together with the time involved.

We've spent years educating people on the concept of whois, abuse@ - and theyre undoing all of this.
What it means is that Xtra - NZ's largest ISP with >500,000 customers - is going to have to have enough staff on hand to deal with abuse complaints from all its customers - as well as those that come in ABOUT its customers?

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