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Vik Olliver noted some interesting articles on ZDNet...

Microsoft Urges PC Vendors not to sell 'Naked' PC's..

(The mailer sent to vendors by Microsoft)

Top 5 Vendors fail to offer Naked PCs - and by fail, I mean 'claim to be able to, but when grilled further, mysteriously can't...'

This is seriously disturbing crap. Microsoft obviously weild so much power in their position as the monopolistic OS supplier, that vendors are afraid of losing 'discounts' through the offering of a choice.

More than that; Microsoft assert that theres 5% of business (in the form of addon software and support) that would be lost if naked options were available.

And as a result, we get 'The Microsoft Tax'. And a Google Search for that phrase gives a lot of hits, including...

... which is a good idea, but does illustrate exactly how small the selection really is.

Its very dissapointing, really - that MS can bully us so hard and we can do so little about it.

As is quite rightly pointed out, Linux Is Not Windows. This relatively long article explains a number of the fundamental differences - and how they're actually quite logical.

It appears that Orcon had a major power problem this morning, and a side effect of that is that the NZLUG server has failed to come back up. Impacted are the NZLUG, AuckLUG and HBLUG mailing lists along with their main website. has been updated, this is hosted by and unaffected (at least for as long as the DNS keeps working.)

For info, in case anyone pops through here wondering whats up.

A map of Linux Distribution Development [] was posted to WellyLUG recently. Interesting stuff. :)

Some colleagues of my Uncle contacted me as they're trying to find a Linux guru to fill a position at their office in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I agreed to help out, despite being a Poor Wellington (NZ) resident these days. However, #HUMBUG was very helpful. Cheers guys.

The company concerned is CC Consulting -

The full job description is available here:

However heres an extract:

Gotta say its tempting to have a play. Pity I don't have decent grunt.

MMmmm neat.

Well done to Peter for getting this nice piece published in the Herald. Page C2 of todays issue, I think.

Nice to see some truth-spinning in the media for a change!

Just a brief one.
AuckLUG Installfest today went off pretty well I think.
My After Action report as posted to the AuckLUG List is here.

Makes me more keen than ever to try to get onto Linux systems more often. Maybe this extra desktop system i'm supposed to be acquiring soon will get the Linux treatment firstup and become a replacement for my desktop system.... :)

(I keep saying this, and for various reasons I wind up falling back to Windows... i'm going to do it one day!!!)

FWIW I've been playing with The Gimp lately, on my windows system... at least so far I can do everything I used to do with PSP, its just a bit 'different' as a UI...

Anyways. Sleep tonight. tomorrow. Should be fun. If you can come down to the Viaduct tomorrow then do it!!! Before 4pm. A worthy cause!,

National Business Review have stuffed up, by letting Francis Till front their 'open source' writing.
Not only has he demonstrated his ignorance of the situation at large but has made some gross generalisations to boot.

The Open Source Society Mailing List have observed that Mr Till has basically regurgitated Microsofts notoriously biased "Get the Facts" page, centered around why Linux is the Wrong choice for a Server.

Nevermind the fact that to use webserving as an example, 70% of - or 53 Million - Webservers in the world run Apache, an open source platform. Most of these on either Linux or BSD. (Talk about backing the dead horse - one would think that particular statistic gets over-quoted!)

Don't be fooled, ladies and gents. There are some incredibly biased points of view out there. So when 'getting the facts', take a holistic view - don't listen to a single vendor. And remember thats what Microsoft are - a vendor, too. They want to increase their market share, and if that can be done through dis-information and spreading of mistruths - they'll do that, too. And NBR will help them along.

(Anyone with a clue at NBR should be seriously evaluating their take on Linux and Open Source in general - assuming they want to retain any loyalty in their readership. Noone likes a parrot.)

As you might have noticed I've got a few links to Various Linux related entities - The NZLUG, AuckLUG and NZOSS groups particularly. I'm involved with all three groups.

NZLUG - the New Zealand Linux Users Group - is one in particular that i've been participating in for a while. It is actually responsible in a lot of ways for my Linux expertise to date - and I met dpa ('s Coadmin) care of the NZLUG. Neat eh? ;-)

Anyway theres been a lot of discussion between the 'cabal' in charge of NZLUG and those of other LUGs in NZ recently. Particuarly the WellyLUG Cabal and the WLUG Committee.

Looks like is going to be the 'New Zealand Linux Wiki' (relatively brand generic) - but is built on the Waikato LUG website.

The Wiki, if you don't know, is an interesting sort of website. Basically anyone - anonymously except for having to supply a name - can create or modify content. This of course means that in a community environment, you can rapidly build up a knowledge base which is kept up to date through peer review. I've never been a huge Wiki fan - to me having things wide open like that is just asking for trouble - however in a few instances its been made to work very well. WikiPedia is one. WLUG's Website is another. is a 'skin' of the site but but its aim is not just to support WLUG, but Linux users of NZ. Thus the generic hostname.

I hope it works. I endorse the idea of having a single useful resource. Stops us having to look everywhere. Sweet.

Decision to date seems to be that the NZLUG - which is, essentially, made up of the mailing list which forged it, and the website that supports it - will continue to provide the mailing list and the website it does. Nice and simple. The Website is intended to be a 'portal' to other Linux Resources, including the Wiki. One stop shop.

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