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Hi Everyone,

This is becoming a habit!

The server is to be relocated again; this time because it's current landlord is moving house, and the server has to move with it!

We're working to minimise impact (which, of course, impacts on our own services as well as the folks we host) but at this stage I can advise as follows:

- Moving-out of the current premesis kicks off on Saturday 26 February.
- The Internet Connection should[1] remain available until Monday 28 February.
- At some stage (time unable to be accurately determined) on Monday 28 February, will be physically taken down and moved to its new premesis.
- The same day, it's backhaul link (a TelstraClear cable connect in Wellington at present) is to be moved from current premesis to new premesis. It's likely that this will involve an IP address change as well, but this is unconfirmed.
- In preparation for the possibility of IP change, DNS TTL's have been lowered. Downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum but you should expect the server to be offline for several hours on the Monday during the transition phase.

The aim is of course to minimise impact (to you and also to ourselves) so with this in mind, David's put a bit of work into a contingency option.

If we struggle with connectivity during the transition, the server will be placed online over whatever means are available, and a rather cleverly architectured VPN + Proxy arrangement will kick in. The result should be that most services (in particular mail and web) will come back even as we work to fix the issues. (Of course, DNS will still be working for all domain names as they're redundantly hosted, any email sent will be queued, etc).

If the contingency plan referenced above is needed, please note additional flow-on effects:
-- It's possible that the non-host record (eg as opposed to for sites we host will not work immediately.

Was very happy to see this NZ Herald article fly past my eyes earlier today.

Just last month I noted that he was at it again and you'll note that one references several past runs.

Perhaps he'll get the message if he winds up $700,000 in the hole?

One can dream at least.

I was surprised at the stink that the use of the term in a Police Media Release apparently caused.
Mainstream Media in NZ didn't use the term themselves in much of their coverage but the Police themselves issued an apology.

Here's some coverage from Radio NZ News.

A google search suggests that i'm not the only one who's posed this question before now.

Growing up in Manurewa - the middle of South Auckland and a cultural melting-pot of ethnicities and skin colours - I didn't think twice when folks used the term.
So I was surprised at the furore that erupted here.

Good grief folks, is this the PC brigade gone-mad - or is there something to this in your opinion?

Something to do with the new Channel 4 Launch I gather.

I draw folks attention to the comment i've just tagged onto my previous entry about Aerial Impressions.

Almost exactly 12 months ago, we went through the same business. And here we go again. And again folks in NZ are facilitating the 'faux-business' operated out of a 'faux-address' in Wellington.

So, unfortunately all the planning that went into the server relocation tonight didn't take into account a few issues that had to be taken care of. Our originally-scheduled downtime was only meant to be 5-til-9 - it turned into 5-til-quarter-to-1am but in the end, we got there.
There's been some further changes in the back-end, so if you spy any issues, please let me know.

Some folks are reporting that there's less than 2 weeks of IPv4 left in the world (to allocate to ISPs etc).

i've now got the HE widget in a block on the left side of my website. Read it and weep? (And get your v6 sorted!)

The following was also sent via email to all the folks currently on file as having services with

Our server is again on the move; the folks who’ve been providing hosting for me for the last few years in Wellington are no longer offering the service as of this month and as such we’re in the process of prepping the server to be relocated.

** Relocation is to take place at 5pm on Thursday 20 January. Expected Outage Duration is up to 4 hours **.

During the outage the server will be physically uplifted and moved to a new location. This change will include a change of IP address for the server, as it’ll be moving to a new Service Provider. Once placed back online consequential DNS changes will be made to ensure that all sites and services are restored to service quickly, but there is some engineering required in this, so plenty of time is allowed for. Some prep work has already been carried out to make sure the change is as smooth as possible.

IMPORTANT: If your DNS service is not hosted @ and/or David or I don’t directly administer your DNS server settings for your domain names, you’ll need to make contact with me ASAP so we can get the DNS records changed. This can happen anytime from now on, so please email or call me.

If your site remains down after 9pm tomorrow night, please get in touch so we can investigate. We expect to have everything up and running before then.

There are some further changes planned for the future for several of the services hosted, you will be contacted individually if you’ll be affected but the ongoing goal of course is to minimise downtime and maximise site performance and reliability, within the means available to us.

Apologies for the relatively short notice on this change, we had originally intended to occur next week but for a variety of reasons we’ve opted to take advantage of a window of opportunity that exists for tomorrow.

The Admins.

Good ol' Java at it again!

Yessir, this is a great installer for Java's recent update! It even achieves 'smartarse' status.

The left hand panel comes up as you let the Install Wizard do it's thang. "You have successfully installed Java" with a tickbox (ticked by default) that says 'Restart my browser to complete the installation', and a close button.

With several tabs of work-related content open, I don't want to close my browser right now, and figure (like many 'restart required' installers) that i'll simply restart my browser in a few minutes time.

Oh no. Not that simple. Deselecting the tickbox results in the right hand panel popping up. Can anyone explain for me why a full computer restart would be required if I failed to restart my browser when demanded?

At this point I had to laugh; what's the point in providing a deselect tickbox if you're then going to in effect use scaremongering tactics on your users?

I closed down Firefox and then clicked OK. IE was still there (whoopsie) and when that restarted It sent me directly to the 'verify your version of Java' website (instead of opening the tabs i'd had open prior. Interestingly, IE is not my default browser. I clicked 'home' and went on with my life.

In hindsight this probably doesn't seem as bad as it sounds, however, I found the above pretty damn rediculous and actually somewhat rude...

I just want to say that 'dmidecode' is one of the most singularly useful commands i've come across in a while.
Not something you necessarily want every day, but, well, pipe it to less from a terminal and enjoy :-)

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