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Vint Cerf denies that Google 'knows who you are'. And the room chuckles..

Worth reading, and worth considering. How much does Google know about you ??

Hat Tip to Mauricio Freitas via Twitter for this find. (Source link is here). They've definately got IT sorted! (Hint: Check the price out.)

A WellyLUG'r pointed out this rather Critical Review of Karmic Koala - the latest Ubuntu release (v9.10).

Hafta say, the tone of the article rings true with what i've heard. I have definately taken the approach that i'll upgrade _slowly_ to give the bugs a change to work their way out. My Eee still runs an 8.10 based build (I think) and my Ubuntu Desktop is sitting quietly on a 9.04 install, quite comfortable. No rush to go to 9.10 here - especially as it seems that upgrades are dicey!!

C'mon Canonical, you need to keep the faith with your fans, or they are going to go elsewhere. Remember, in the F/OSS world the choice is very much ours.

Kudos to Mark for writing this up..

Strongly recommended reading to anyone who values their freedoms - online or otherwise.

The more I read about copyright, the more i'm convinced it's being taken too far...

Found this video via a Tweet from @HuttNZ and nearly responded on Youtube; however that'd be a little too much like feeding the crazy ones, so here's my thoughts...

The former General Motors factory in Trnetham has least two legitimate uses... a movie set, and as office space for the NZDF Joint Logistics and Support Organisation. Supporting Links: (Text of an article which I think I originally read in the Upper Hutt Leader).

Funny the conclusions some people can come to?

Kiwi-Born Aussies seem to be second-best over there..

Article notes the story of a New-Zealand-Born man who was brought up in Australia and confronted Melbourne Fire Brigade who refused to hire him because of his New Zealand Birth.

Also interesting to see Government level jobs with the same limitations. Looks like a bit of a double standard!!

If you're in any way interested in Encryption, AES, 3DES, SHA or the like you'll like this explanation of encryption.

(Blogging for posterity, mainly!) Worth a look, be aware it can get quite heady but you can also 'duck out' at a level that suits. :)

Well done, IMHO.

Door is indeed "Slammed".

I'm not sure about the rationale here; it seems key that Flash would open the door to flash-built apps - and in effect provide a bypass to the Apple Store.

Heaven forbid Apple should lose their totalitarian control over their appliances!
(do we need to mention Apple threatening a lawsuit against Woolworths due to their new logo?)

Doin' my bit to spread the word. Good luck guys. This is evil, evil stuff (Rachael tells me the Pup must've been targetted given the nature of the break-in-and-grab) and the punks responsible need to be brought to justice. So sad!!

In a world where online participation is increasing at an exponential rate, it is really sad to see the number of people out there who don't know the difference between Their, They're and There; Were and Where and We're; Too and To (and Two); etc etc. That's been an eternal frustration since the BBS days.

However there's a lesser known evil; People Who Think Every Word In A Sentence Needs To Have A Capital! It's so hard for me to do that I had to correct that sentence several times just to achieve the desired effect...

Having been advised that Orams Road overbridge in Manukau City is going to be closed for several weeks due to being struck from underneath by an overheight load (eyeroll!), I went hunting for a reference to post a link to someone (NZ Police's website being broken as I write this!) - Google found me this classic example from Transit New Zealand: Auckland Highway Info.

Makes you wonder if the person responsible for generating the content on this page has ever actually been subject to peer review. Sigh!

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