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Just received an obvious Spam; it was directed to an email address used solely for domain name management (i.e. it was plucked out of a domain 'whois' output).

That was the first sign of trouble. Plenty more...

Next we have a firm offering a special on aerial photography of NZ. I should be grateful they got my country right, I suppose?
Then you keep reading.

Embedded links point to a ( - it appears to have valid, if limited, registration details (registrant = Aerial Impressions, address in Australia (City, no state given, though it appears it's in Victoria).

A look on the Australian ABN Lookup tool for 'Aerial Impressions' reveals that it is a Trading Name for a company actually known as DGB Technologies Pty Ltd.


When I used Google to search for "DGB TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD" (copy/pasted from the ABR Site), they 'automagically' provided me with DBG Technologies - note the B and G are transposed! - as the first hit, along with several more. I didn't notice this until I was contacted by a helpful reader - and by one of the directors of DBG, seeking to clarify!!

I apologise profusely to DBG - the legitimate, South Australia Registered firm who appear to be unrelated to DGB.

Just for entertainment, feel free to compare their entries in the ABR:

DGB Technologies (Trading as Aerial Impressions)


Yeah, I didn't find these, but they were damn funny so why not (continues after the jump):

Stuff has yet another article on XT's recent failure but a couple of things stick out:

Wellington sisters Leigh and Nikki Maetzig said when their mother became ill with a stomach condition near the Basin Reserve on Wednesday night, her calls to them did not get through. She was eventually able to ring an ambulance and was taken to Wellington Hospital.

Did the woman try to flag down a passing motorist? Was she in a state where she could walk to a nearby property and ask for a landline call to be made? Was this a pre-existing condition?

Severe enough for an Ambulance, likely means severe enough to take steps beyond simply trying your own cellphone, and looking failure in the face for an hour!. Of course, if she was trapped in her car and doubled over in pain, perhaps this isn't so cut and dried; it's certainly reasonable to expect that if you own a cellphone, it should be a fair contingency for a situation such as this, though i'd love to know more detail of the background...

... And desperate relatives looking for missing Nelson teenager Leo Lipp-Neighbours, last seen on Sunday, said the outage made it impossible to call some searchers, hampering efforts to find him.

Coordinated search was it? There's a reason that SAR prefer radio comms to cellphones in a lot of circumstances! Again, whilst a cellphone is useful, XT's outage should've been an inconvenience but not a major.

Of course, the fact that it was an inconvenience at all is a major problem for Telecom. As the article cites, people expect a degree of reliability in a cellular network - especially when they pay big money and sign an agreement of service.

Yes, there's the usual 'act of God' type exclusions but XT's had more than it's share of problems of late.

A recent conversation on Twitter revealed that several XT users find the need to retain a Vodafone or 2Degrees Prepay as a 'backup'.

I on the other hand have Vodafone as my primary and though I do have a CDMA (Telecom's pre-XT legacy network) prepay, that's more through good luck than good planning (twas a freebie many moons ago) and thus far I don't think i've ever had to use it. Maybe once in 6+ years?

Nice to know it's there, of course. I try to travel with at least two means of communication, if i'm at any risk and/or it's any distance. Of course, Amateur Radio makes that easy.

[EDIT: Funny ad being run by Vodafone in response to Telecom's XT FAIL. As Tweeted by @DomHarvey of The Edge Radio Station... ]

Internet Blackout is ON!.

The Australian Government has an intention to implement a mandatory content filter which has been very, very poorly thought out.

For info check out but even Kiwis need to pay attention; this is a dangerous precedent!

So today - first day of LCA2010 - we were greeted by a lovely foggy day.

Uhoh, on behal of all those trying to fly in to a (closed) Wellington Airport!

This started last night affecting one of the Aussie-sourced inbounds shortly before midnight, who got to divert to Auckland (lucky them!)

Biggie Ups to Suzanne and Andrew Ruthven - the powers-that-be behind the Capital Cabal (i.e. the folks who set up LCA2010) who're at home sick today (oh the irony)! However, everyone here can see the fruit of their efforts (several comments on how well organised (relatively speaking) things are this year compared to previous LCA's).

The Miniconf's have begun, and the organisers are working behind the scenes to tidy up the last few kinks in the AV and other such spaces which often only reveal themselves 'live'.

A good morning had so far, with more to come.

Headsup to Professional Delegates; Check your 'Cube' for evidence of leaking batteries, it seems a few suffered from this. There are a few replacements to be had if you check at the Registration Desk, I understand, but quantities unknown!

Noted a couple of simultaneous subscriptions to NZLUG mailing lists this morning from different addresses - this immediately looked suspicious, and a Google confirms my fears.

A warning for those others dealing with mailing lists, forums and such; that's one domain with a baaaad rep.


I'm sure most of those with an interest in the subject are by now aware of the Linux Australia conference being held in Wellington, NZ in a couple of weeks time. Yep, LCA2010 is that close.

As one of the volunteers as well as a 'professional delegate' i've been working up my calendar to ensure I get the best out of the week. Today, just to make life interesting, there was a timetable shuffle to better accomodate some interesting speakers in the 'Open in the Public Sector' stream, which is one i'm quite interested in. So tonight i've just reshuffled what I hope to attend.

Dissapointingly this means that the Public Sector stream conflicts with the Sysadmin Miniconf. I'll be looking for notes, video and such to be available from that one - with any luck.

In other news I can confirm for folks interested that there will be wifi internet available at the venue (gotta get your geek fix somehow). Details will be up on the LCA website very soon (assuming they're not there already - i'm told they are, but I havnt found them yet).

Finally, this is my first blog tagged with the LCA2010 category, so this may well come up in the 'Planet LCA2010' feed. Here's hoping. :-) It should also - I hope - appear on Twitter....

Looking forward to my first LCA. :) Mine starts on Sunday with helping some of the organising crew move stuff around. Gonna be a busy week! :)

Or 'Teenglish' as calls it.

The majority of those abbreviated terms and other clever, witty remarks are originated from the online world. Geeks have been using them for years.

Funny how they're now mainstream? I guess it really does illustrate that Generation Z really are 'fully integrated' with the Internet, technology and such.

I feel old (in that I don't speak like that generally) and young (in that I knew almost all those terms without needing translation) at the same time. Odd.

So when is a FIPS rating not worth the paper it's written on?

This sounds like a bit of a major fubar on someone's part. Goes to show that you can't blindly trust certifications... !

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