This page is a Work-in-Progress... but I do encourage you to look around.

(And i'm not sure why tables make Drupal so finnicky)

I've been fiddling again. Polling is set up, you need to be a member to vote, still pondering its value.. yes first poll was lame :P

UPDATE: Anonymous votes now accepted. Wonder what that'll do? Also fixed it so members can actually vote.

Also looking at a Photo Album module, unsure if I like the way its been implimented yet...

There are also new entries found at - aka the Image Gallery linked above.

I've updated the search DB so that it should now have my whole site to index. Sorry for those who've run searches with no result even though I know for sure theres material on here that matches.

If its a subject where you think you've seen it on here before but can't find it, feel free to drop me a line and I can help. I've noticed some searches of late pertain to material I host on behalf of others, so its not actually tied to my portal...

BJ. Services is my hobby-service. In an effort to gain experience administering a *nix server online (and to cover some of the costs involved in telehousing my own machine for this purpose at the same time) I have offered basic Internet services.

- Email
- Webhosting
- IT Consulting.

These days I only take on new 'customers' by referral. Existing 'clients' continue to be served as before. The key reason for this, is that is not-for-profit, a hobby, and something therefore I spend only limited time and resources on. Also, people using my services need to be happy to live with any restrictions I may put in place (like my DNS Based Blocking List Usage, for example).

Existing customers should check out the Message Of the Day (MOTD) for the current network status.

Anything missing, or broken, or any other questions, should be emailed to services @ or forwarded via my Contact Form.

Cheers :-)

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Due to the rejig my provider is doing on their International and Domestic Transit arrangements people using either of the above ISPs may find that service from my server is degraded.
This is mainly due to their anti-peering policies and the fact that as a result, their traffic to my server is being routed overseas first.

Theres work going into a work-around on this which i'm told will be implimented tomorrow (Friday) sometime.

The work involved did cause a brief interruption to service for customers last night, and today, for your information.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

PS: TCL and TCNZ: Get a clue and peer damnit! :|

Just a headsup, will bounce a little tonight between midnight and 2am due to maintenance at the colo facility. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone!

Just patched my drupal install. Always a bit nervewracking. If theres any problems noted, let me know...

Two big things today...

1) I'm now using the SORBS DUHBL (Dynamic User and Host Blocking List). The amount of spam coming via drones that are on Dynamic IP space was getting rediculous. This will hopefully mitigate some of it.

2) I've moved over to components of my Drupal page. These have up untill now been Flat HTML. Theres still a flat-HTML form page to use for those who can't email me for whatever reason, but its much nicer having everything together.

The 'Administriva' Category will now host Services related traffic as well as the other random crud about my website that gets lumped in there. ;-)

There are currently no known problems with the systems.

For the most recent posts relating to please view the Administrivia category - all issues will be posted there (and this article may not necessarily be updated.)

If you're aware of a problem please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention, via either email or cellphone.

To email me you can use the form located at - otherwise existing clients should know how to get hold of me :-)

Information about Services | History of Administrivia Posts

[This address replaces the old content previously found under the migration has taken a while and is still a work in progress. Sorry for any confusion.]

One of the guys from the Ministry of Death - the gaming clan i'm with - has kindly done me up some new logos for the site. You may have noticed ;-)

I'm very pleased with the results.

As such i'd like to publicly reccomend him for being so damn charitable and putting so much time into my humble little page.

He runs a photo shop in Whakatane - Check him out @

Many thanks!!!

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