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My IRC Server is now up and running again, in a standalone config.

It is still officially the host of the NZOSS IRC Chatroom, as well as the underused #call-111 channel dedicated to Kiwi Emergency Services crews.

Coming soon - a decent IRC article specifically about


Due to a large Spam attack against one of our hosted domains, inbound mail this morning was disrupted - since about 0530 or so.
Problem is being rectified as we speak, sorry for any inconvenience.

G'day all.
After much thought over the last year or so, the latest problems with the server have been the proverbial straw.

Given the fact that has been disintegrating for a while - due to a lack of enthusiasm by the admin team, I guess - i'm not really inclined to risk my server in a connection to them which is touchy anyway.

So at the moment the DNS entry for is forwarding users to the rest of cairdiuil, and is offline.

Once the server admins for the rest of the network remove their legacy configs to autoconnect the server, i'll put it back up again in a standalone fashion, i.e. the way things were before I linked.

Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.


Due to a similar problem to last time, i've killed the IRC server.
Pointers are at this stage toward a bug in the daemon itself.
So I can't give an estimated time for return to service.

Reccomend you use instead.

Have noted that as of just before lunch today, is being deferred from SMTP delivery. By extension anyone with domains hosted @ xtra is also going to be affected.

It also seems that mail exiting Xtra is being held up. I gather theyve had a big spam bomb hit them or some such. But if you're affected, well, now you know - more informative than is being...
As it currently stands it reads 'There are no known problems with the Xtra Network'... (as usual). has been delinked from Cairdiuil.
This is a pre-emptive move in response to a report from Helix that my international bw usage was starting to be a little a-typical.
Delinking seems to have resolved this for now... the situation will be reviewed tonight and again tomorrow.

Meanwhile if youre hunting for NZScanners go to any of the other servers...

I have limited internet access due to being in Auckland but will be doing what I can, i'm home tomorrow night.

[Edit: Server was relinked last night, things seem to be back to normal.]

Here to attend my good friend (XPD)'s Wedding.
So i'm relegated to Dialup at my Dads place.

Ahhh well... :P

Just seeing if its true about imageshack blacklisting hotlinking from _specific_ domains...

Meh. Yup. Looks like they do watch for their biggest linkers, and block them...

A quick headsup re current access problems.
My hosting provider appear to be having problems with one of their carriers - this is resulting in intermittant performance from including total inaccessibility for brief periods, along with periods of extreme slowness.

This is being worked on by our provider and services should be restored soon, sorry for any inconvenience but this one is beyond my control. :|


Some of you may have heard that i'm off to London this morning.
My Grandfather passed away last weekend.
His funeral is on Tuesday and I'm travelling over to meet with my Mother, Sister, Aunt + Uncle who are already there, plus all my UK based relatives.

So be good while i'm gone. :)

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