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I'm in Aussie for a few days, back next week.
dpa will be taking care of the server in my absence - I hope! :D Seriously though, will be checking in daily or therabouts.

Just a quick note to advise there was an unscheduled outage affecting all services hosted out of at the above noted times. An investigation as to the cause is ongoing - sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm moving house this weekend, so will have reduced availability online until broadband is sorted. Credit to WorldxChange who've been very helpful to date, and major evil stares at Telecom who've demonstrated yet again how inflexible they are...

Yes, i'm doing the ISP-Hop. Byebye, Xtra...

Gonna be in Auckland from late Friday until Mid-Monday. Doubt i'll be posting much in that time. ;)

Well thanks to DPA - Greylisting now works. Seems to be already making a dent in the spam situation.

Anyone with any problems please let me know. Likewise if a host needs whitelisting - so that it is unaffected - or if your mail is hosted on my system an you don't want to be involved at all, that can also be arranged. Just ask.

Mail leaving is being held up at present due to a partially implemented Greylisting setup. The remainder of the work will be done tonight - but anything written locally (say via Webmail) was held up until it was released a few minutes ago.

Sorry for any inconvenience. All should be sorted shortly. (inbound mail not affected; you can write mail and send it via your local SMTP server without a hassle in the interim.)

I really must get out of the habit of using as a news source. They don't keep web content for long enough!

A number of the links on this site to will be no longer working, as they don't keep old content very long. A shame really. I might have to start ripping bits of text ....

Sorry to those who miss out - spose it means you should be subscribing to my RSS feeds to get updates in a timely fashion :)

Have been advised by our hosts that due to the relocation of some equipment (including our server), there will be an outage of approx 60 minutes at 2am this coming Sunday.

We expect no negative impact aside from the interruption to services. One would hope that most of you won't be working at that time of day! However for your info in any case.

All services should return immediately, however we'll of course be checking to make sure its all hunky dory.

Ok so i'm off tomorrow til Sunday, just like blogged last week. Maybe this time it'll go ahead...

Off to Melbourne for a coupla days - back Sunday. Please don't break the place while i'm gone. =) (There remains people keeping an eye on things here...)

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