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Folks may have noticed a services outage this afternoon...
Judginy by the rapidly increasing unreliabiilty of this server i'm going to have to rush through some sort of replacement. I'm guessing my hard drive is probably the root cause here...

Likely there will be further impact to hosted services as we engineer the relocation of 'stuff', so my apologies in advance for any impact. I'll be in touch with each hosted 'client' if there's likely to be any gotchas.

For as yet unconfirmed reasons, the server died during the late afternoon on Sunday PM.
It was restored to service around 6:30pm today - total downtime slightly more than 24 hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Work on moving services to a newer box continues...

Working through some kinks in a major drupal version change. In the meantime it looks a bit odd - sorry...

I've decided I need the means to flag articles into more than one category; you will likely see stuff fielded into multiple categories from here on in (plus the odd retrospective tweak.)

In other news,
I'ts been a few days since I did much in the way of blogging.
I'm over in Washington DC at the moment on a work related trip.
It's been a fairly average week - the work aspects have been fine, but the illness i've been dealing with whilst over here hasn't been. :( Some sort of throat infection remains. At least after spending most of a day in bed on Tuesday, i'm a bit better off now...

I've just dropped a couple of fairly interesting subject items into blogs - NZ'rs really need to pay attention to the copyright law situation. Please read on...

Advising of a outage from around 4:30pm until around 8pm this evening.
All appears to be back up and running, sorry for the inconvenience!

There was a network blip early this afternoon and for the last few hours, we've been temporarily deferring inbound email.
The cause of this is under investigation, but no email will be lost - only delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

[Edit: Cause identified and fault resolved. Mail should be in catch up mode now. Sorry for the hassle!]

Apologies to anyone with an SQL-driven website who noticed some issues with the server this afternoon.
Currently monitoring an SQL loading problem, expecting that web-based scammers/crawlers/spammers are having something to do with it. If you observe this please feel free to drop me a line.

Hi guys
My webhosting customers should keep an eye on their websites - noticing some oddness with Apache - so let me know if you see anything go weird...

Hi Guys
Those of you with mail hosted may have noticed a large delay in mail delivery today.
This was caused by a bunch of network issues that one of the big carriers had in Wellington today, and is a quirk of the current ad-hoc setup (resultant from planned upgrades).

I wasn't in a position to identify and resolve the fault until this evening, at which point mail that'd been queueing has been delivered.

Some people emailing you may have received notification of an email delay with a 450 error code. These messages were not lost, and will now be delivered automatically, and by this time most of them should have all been retried and successfully delivered.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Upgrade works continue, time permitting.

A general warning / apology for any loss of service experienced over the next few days - some upgrades are taking place and these will require some brief outages to service. We'll do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible for ya.

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