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Back to manually creating logins for the time being. Persistent spammers don't know when to quit!
Must get around to coming up with a decent way to prevent junk signups.

Folks may have seen a few things subtly change here... it's been a while since I had a serious look at the site's Theme and layout, so i'm tinkering. When I find something that looks the part, i'll commission it 'live'. Folks with logins to the site who're interested in providing feedback can get in touch; I can enable themes on a per-user basis without mangling the site proper.


A headsup that for some reason my MTA is struggling to deal with emails that have attachments. Small text-only emails don't seem to be causing problems.

This is under investigation, please let me know if you're having significant problems with this - meanwhile will try to sort things quickly. (things are working, but very slowly, for the time being.)

[Edit: Server was rebooted as part of the troubleshooting, thus far the fault is intermittant and hasn't been reported by anyone else.

If you have problems emailing any of our hosted domains, please use the Contact Form to let me know. If nothing else is heard we'll need to chalk this up as a local issue.]

I rebooted the server this morning shortly after 11am to apply some software updates. Downtime was approx 5 minutes - apologies if anyone had difficulties during that time.

Hopefully people contacting me thru this site - or commenting on what I have to say - will have a better job of it now!

The scheduled upgrade for 1500hrs today actually happened at 1530 :o But went off without any yet-detected hitches. Sorry for the inconvenience, but a bunch of upgrades couldn't wait any longer :) So we've now been rebooted and should be good for another extended period. is blacked out in support of Creative Freedom.

Thanks to a Power Outage which crippled Central Wellington this morning was unreachable for a couple of hours. The server itself remained on power, thankfully.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hosted domains, depending on their Nameserver setup, may have noticed some oddities as both and had some broken glue records in the gtld nameservers.
This has been identified and resolved. Sorry if this caused any grief, but most of you likely wont have noticed...

On the subject of DNS records, I used to use '' as a useful place to check domain name setups. Since this is now a pay-for service I went hunting for an alternative.
Best one i've found so far is If you know of a better one, i'd love to hear from you...

A quick note. Have just managed to get running to let me provide more updates. My coadmin dpa and my good friend Snooker have stepped up and helped heaps - big thanks guys - but the work continues.

At this point people with 'simple' services hosted on the machine may find their stuff is already working.
Those whos content involves active hosting (php) or databases (mysql/postgres) will need to wait a few more days... the new server is a long way from the old one and there's bandwidth limitations to get the data migrated.

The final big hit is the mailing lists I host (mainly the NZOSS) though i'm working on an improvised temporary fix for them while the new lists are built up (which will take some time.) Meanwhile the hard drive containing all our data will be shipped to Wellington.

As i'm heading overseas for work this weekend and will be away for about 9 days, i'm hoping that all will be relatively straightforward and that dpa will have opportunity to restore services during next week for those who remain.

Again my apologies for all the trouble. The new system has been a long time coming and should ultimately put things back to their normal, generally reliable self.

If anything doesn't work, doesn't look right or if you need a particular item hurried along or fixed, please don't hesitate to email me.

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