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Noticed the server lost international connectivity for a brief period late this afternoon.
An enquiry with the colo provider I use has resulted in advice that they're having router troubles at the moment, and the guilty party is to be swapped-out at sometime between Midnight and 1am tomorrow.

So there'll be a little more pain before it's sorted. Sorry bout that folks.. :) Impact should be minimal as you should be doing something else after Midnight on a Friday! :)

Server was subjected to some updates over the weekend and a reboot to place these fully into effect today. Sorry for any impact, and let me know if any troubles persist...

A brief outage to service tonight between 8.30 and 9pm (not all of that time, but some of it) due to an apparent power hiccup affecting Wellington CBD. Took the opportunity to run some upgrades when restoring services. All should now be well.

Apologies if anyone noticed the outage during the above timeframe; it appears the server simply 'ran out of juice'... It has been rebooted and we're looking into why it hung, and what we can do to prevent it occuring in future. An upgrade may well be on the cards. :o)

At somet stage in the next 30 minutes the server will be rebooted as part of the upgrades recently applied. Downtime should be less than 10 minutes and as always, get in touch directly if you notice any problems.

Just a quick note, today we're applying some routine upgrades to the server - apologies for any disruption to service caused.

Due to a major power failure in the Wellington area, between approx 1515 and 1630 this afternoon, the server was down during this time. There were some flow-on connectivity problems for about another hour afterward. Stuff is 'back' but as always, let me know if you spy something not-quite-right.

Apologies for the loss of service this morning between approx 0100 and 0900. This was caused by a power outage in the Wellington CBD around 0100 and by a loss of network connectivity to the building that houses my server, continuing through until 0900. Aside from some brief inability to hit website(s) and some delays in receiving email, there should've been no impact.

As I posted to Facebook the other day.... :D :D :D

With thanks to the Wellywood Sign Generator. :-)

Should've installed it a long time ago, but there it is. Not entirely sure how to make it 'do it's thang' but if you have any problems with content URLs, this may well be it - let me know if so...

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