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The RNZAF were running a training exercise, in conjunction with the NZ Army, over the Auckland CBD Last night. The subject matter was Counter-Terrorist Operations, which we all agree is necessary in this day and age, right?

4 Noise complaints received.
The Air Force, according to the article, did notify people in the neighbourhood.

It ocurrs to me that the 'formal means' of notification for all sorts of things - road closures, RFPs, etc etc, is usually via the Newspaper.

Is this appropriate today?
Gone are the days where people treat the Newspaper as their 'standard' way of getting news.
Today we have TV, Radio, Websites... and we have people who simply don't pay attention to any of those (indifference.)

Theyre indifferent untill something happens which directly affects them, right?

Maybe we need a 'whats happening' type website for suburbs or districts. City councils could set them up? It'd become a place that people can look before complaining about 'stuff'.


As reported by Ok. Its a May article. I actually like the slant. As much as our spend on Defence has been far too low for far too long - and I lament the loss of our air combat wing - the decisions made do make some sense. The cash injection earlier this year is a welcome boon, however, but IMHO this needs to become a regular thing, not a one-off...

As reported in the Herald..

But I do have to say: "OMFG, its under 25 drivers!".

As a driver recently OVER 25 I do have to say, experience counts... I hope that their efforts to protect their crews etc don't turn into a means to restrict that experience...

As reported by TVNZ.

Bet theyre wishing they bought the warranty! ;-)

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