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New Zealand Herald reports.

A very sad time for the Navy's new Multi Role Vessel, launched This Year and a ship I recently Toured..

My personal condolances to the ships crew and the families of those involved...

Computerworld is reporting on the significant number of classified files appearing on peer to peer networks in the US.

It amazes me that people who work in that sector - esp one example cited who is a contractor working for numerous government departments - can be so damn careless. Nevermind all the built in warnings around 'what to share' and the threat of being sued, sacked or (for military pers) court-martialled!

And yet, the article points the finger at Congress. Or the ISPs.

Why is it anything to do with the ISP? Their job is to provide internet access. Not monitor P2P networks for content and filter it when it appears. Hell, i'm sure the RIAA or MPAA would love that... !

In all seriousness, theres a degree of personal responsibility here. Instead of waggling the finger at others, why arent the individuals who're obviously breaching policies in even having these sensitive files on internet-accessible systems, being held accountable for their own actions?

My eyes are rolling even as you read this. They're even trying to blame the P2P networks:

Representative Darrell Issa, a California Republican, said he's unsure how Lime Wire avoids lawsuits from users whose personal information has been exposed.

Why is it Lime Wire's fault?? HOW?? This is hardly the intention of the P2P infrastructure - where as it could be argued that a significant portion of Napster's intention was to allow music (etc) to be shared, and this then makes a degree of responsibility theirs... this is off the wall crazy.

Using 'live' hostages to demonstrate their ability to shoot terrorists inches from their heads.. And its good to see that our shooters really are worth having that kind of faith put in them. Nice one - to both the VIPs who let themselves participate, and to the SAS for continuing to prove their abilities - in that non-macho kinda way.

The Chinese have Successfully test-fired an ASAT. Now its all very well them now having the means to shoot Satellites out of the sky. What about the Space Debris?

A single fleck of paint, with enough inertia, is dangerous in space. What about fragments of a space sat?

Scary stuff...

Whoops!. This one amused me - very impressive that a code error like this made it through to production in the firmware of a several-million-dollar air superiority aircraft.

Joint Military-Civilian operations now on the cards. Everyone's starting to see sense? (Except WAAG, who're going to start moaning now that they bought properties next to an established airfield... ?)

I'm somewhat impressed that This article even got published.

An obvious attempt to find a scandal where there is none. If theyre scheduling routine helo flights for resupply, whats the big deal in asking for someones left-behind toilet bag to be thrown on board?

Geeezus. Get some perspective, people...

Almost missed this Herald Article discussing Housing New Zealands intentions regarding Hobsonville Airforce Base, which they recently acquired.

I spent my first ~10 years living on Hobby Airbase and i'm sad to see it leave the Airforce's scope - I reaaaaally don't want to see it turned into a state housing mess. Theres huge potential there and I agree with the sentiment of John Key, MP - State Housing could be a big waste of pristine landscape.

Do it once, do it right!

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