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Just came across these clips taken from TVNZ's coverage of the Nissan Mobil 500, a street race that was held in Wellington, 1988. 4 clips, this is the first and the continuations can be found in the 'related' column. Cool stuff, I remember those days fondly, given I was into both Jets and Cars...


An AFFF Fire Supression System at RAAF Darwin misfired, and clouds of it have scattered into nearby suburbs.

One can only hope that it's effects are relatively benign...

It's quite scary to think about too hard!!

I didn't know about this until I caught a rerun of a News broadcast whilst catching up on taped material off the TV.,2933,332038,00.html


P38 found buried on a Welsh Beach - 65 years later...

(And see below for Bird Strike during takeoff - BAe Hawk Bites the Dust (Video) ...)

This is great!!

(if it doesn't work try This Alternate.)

As reported by Wired, the Osprey is heading for its first operational deployment.
This aircraft is one that i've idolised ever since I read Hammerheads as a Teenager - it has an impressive suite of capabilities and the imagination helps even more. However, the deaths and screwups in its real-life are somewhat disturbing - Time Magazine ran a fairly scathing piece recently that was rebutted bu the US Marine Corps both in October and November.

Aren't they pretty though?
For more info on the V22 refer and Wikipedia.

An interesting set of requirements for the NZDF Headquarters relocation as reported by the Project Manager for IT and Telephony.

Yahoo has the article. - and so does The Herald.

Interesting to observe that thus far 100% of the response has been controlled via the Military. As it should be - but there aren't often major fires in Defence Fire Districts...

So says Stuff..

Repairs in minus-55degC temperatures... screw that!!!

(All credit to the crews involved. Thats a hellova tasking.)

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