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A 27 year RNZAF Veteran and Flight Sergeant was killed whilst performing Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Tasks at Waiouru.

My condolances to his family friends in the wake of this tragedy. Very sad news.

3 News Video from Tonights newscast covering the reports of the NZ Security Intelligence Service asking Universities to watch out for suspicious behavior relating to WMD's.

The canned footage of 'NZSIS HQ', however, was from Stout Street... the location of NZDF HQ and NZSIS HQ until the end of 2006. By early 2007 (perhaps unfortunately for TV3), the NZSIS moved locations some 3 years ago? when Defence HQ moved from Stout St, to Aitken St. The fact that both NZDF and NZSIS is no secret ((Defence Update October 06, Page 2) and it's validated by the NZSIS's own Contact Us page.

(For the truly nosey, you could compare shots in the TV3 Clip with Google Street View.)

C'mon TV3, keep up!! :)

Found this video via a Tweet from @HuttNZ and nearly responded on Youtube; however that'd be a little too much like feeding the crazy ones, so here's my thoughts...

The former General Motors factory in Trnetham has least two legitimate uses... a movie set, and as office space for the NZDF Joint Logistics and Support Organisation. Supporting Links: (Text of an article which I think I originally read in the Upper Hutt Leader).

Funny the conclusions some people can come to?

Woodbourne on the cards for sure.


Ok, so we have the US Navy in a Major Win over Somali Pirates... that's a plus. The Captain of that freighter deserves a medal for saving his crew like that...

We have a 13 year old who was Raped by a guy who stalked her along the road... And people who ignored her pleas for help in the leadup... (What-the-HELL?) ...

... and we have the Fijian Situation which defies belief.

What's going on in the world of today??!?

Iridium Satellite and defunct Russian Bird collide - and we now have even more collision risks in orbit.

Space debris is scary. Anyone seen Wall-E?

Images pinched from Discover Magazine and an article they've published on the debris issue, an interesting read and well worth a look.... scary, scary stuff. As time goes on it becomes more and more dangerous to go to space...

We need a big vacuum cleaner up there..!

Both an Opinion Piece and a Factual One confirm that Whenuapai will remain an Air Force Base.

Speaking personally, i'm glad about that. My childhood was spent in that area, and i'm glad it'll retain its identity. Nevermind the practicalities of having fixed-wing assets so close to the northern Pacific and to the large population base of the region.. ! (Plus the Seasprite are convenient to Devonport, which would also appeal to the Navy one assumes).

Well, we made a bit of a trip of it and headed over the Rimutakas yesterday to Masterton for Wings over Wairarapa. (Actually we headed over on Friday afternoon and overnighted in Masterton, which was nice... )

Wings over Wairarapa is the regions big airshow. Having not been to one in a bloody long time it seemed appropriate, especially as it's relatively handy to home (an hour or so's driving time).

So I took a buncha photos and vids. Enough that it was lucky Liz took her Eee, we downloaded a full gigabyte of images and vids at least 2 or 3 times...

Sample from Gallery 1 - Yay the Sioux... !

Sample from Gallery 2

And then enroute home there was a nice line up outside of Carterton Fire Station:

Carterton 621

Click on the links to head through to the galleries of images from each session.

Twas a great day, Liz and I are both rather sunburnt (despite sunblock... !) and it was a great day for an airshow. It's on again today, though reportedly with high clouds greying up the place and a much lower temperature. (That may be both good and bad...)

The RNZAF Display was pretty cool - interesting to see an Iroquois dropping a car from height.. ! and there were some great displays by some very interesting privately owned aircraft. A real bummer about the two-seat Spitfire having crashed out on Thursday... !

(Interesting to see that aircraft under private ownership may even be perceived as having more firepower than the RNZAF... )

Updated, Youtube First Vid is up:

This is something you wanna see - it's hilarious.

Media Coverage on 'Jet Pilot'...

Yeah, its nearly 3 years old... but I finally got around to putting together the clips I took at the RNZN Open Day in 2005... Youtube link here - comments welcomed - or after the break, it's embedded here (click 'read more' if you havn't already).

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