A good paper on the functionality in IRC Bots - especially those intent on exploiting remote hosts.

NZ Media has been going crazy recently with Dr Brash's comments regarding race based policies. Hes advocating "1 New Zealand" and avoiding having race based policies.

The response from opposition has been that its need based, not race based.

This article however demonstrates exactly how warped the entire thing has gotten:,2106,2836689a10,00.html

Work and Income staff are being paid bonuses based on the race of the jobseekers they place into work.

The scheme varies around the country, but in Counties-Manukau, staff are awarded three bonus points for placing a Maori in a job, two points for a Pacific Islander and one for a Pakeha. The points help determine the size of their annual bonus.

So a white unemployed person is goin to get quite substantially less attention from the WINZ employee - because its not in their financial interest to provide them the same level of support!!! Absolutely rediculous.

I say, scrap the treaty, lets all be one country. 160+ years have gone by, lets move forward. I'm all for need-based rules, but theres no way we should be judging people based on their colour - that is RACIST. Lets judge each individual case on its merits.

Vollynet. A mailing list for the discussion of issues relating to Volunteer Firefighters in NZ.

Their Website details in greater specifics exactly what the deal is. Basically membership is open to any Volunteer Firefighter, Fire Police or Operational Support personnel, Rural Fire, etc etc... and discussion is very free spirited. :-)

The list subscription information on the official website is actually incorrect - looks like its due for updating after the recent change in list management software - so I pulled the below information out of the headers of a recent post:

List-Subscribe: Web or Email

List-Unsubscribe: Web or Email

List-Archive: List Archive

So if you fit the bill.. sign up. :) Its a little known fact that the majority of all Firefighters in New Zealand are in fact Volunteer, not professional. One reason I have a LOT of respect for Fire Service Volunteers is that they give their own time, more often than not in the middle of the night, to provide that safety net for the public - and do it whilst the public don't even think twice about the fact that their day-job could be anything from Librarian to Butcher.

For the record, even Auckland - NZ's largest Urban area - has at least 6 Volunteer Brigades in its Urban area. For more information refer to the List of Auckland Stations and take note of the colourcoding. Auckland is also home to New Zealands Largest Volunteer Brigade, the Auckland Fire Police Unit.

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