Caught some of 'Hackers' on MGM tonight.
It inspired me to go find the Hacker Manifesto - Its interesting if you consider when it was written...

This Article from the NZ Herald talks about a comment made by a Maori member of parliament - essentially stating that Teen Pregnancies amongst Maori are a good thing as they help increase the Maori Population. WTF?!?!?!

Maori pregnancy among 13 to 17-year-olds is 26.2 per 1000 teenagers, more than five times that of non-Maori.

WTF kind of crazy people are they letting into parliament?!?

(The above article is highly critical of Ms Turia - and rightly so.)

UPDATE: Followup Article from the NZ Herald.

This Livejournal carries the story of an on-call firefighter (a volunteer who is paid when turned out, but has no wage or retainer) from the USA who died in the line of duty. He left a wife and 3 kids, so when the local townspeople were asked in a vote arrangement whether they would support a one off payment (donation) toward a death pension for his wife, the vote *lost* (by 18 votes). A sad story.

A little contentious, because some of the questions raised are valid (is this expected every time someone dies in the line of duty?) - but still very sad. A tragedy. At least in NZ, the rules are different for our vollys...

And about how even MICROSOFT themselves have reccomended alternatives. Good Grief. Thanks, Computerworld.

PXT Photos from my phone. Low res, as to be expected. Driver needs to go buy lotto tickets asap as hes obviously a very lucky man....

Update, new pics thanks to Daniel and another source :) ...

Largeish Photo taken at the intersection of Cook and Hobson Sts, Auckland CBD, around lunchtime yesterday :)


Read and signup!!!!!! (i'm a coordinator for the event..)

Also in todays news:

With thanks to - A Crashed Kiwibank ATM. ROFL.

I'm looking at a new amateur tranciever:

The Yaesu FT-8900R... can't wait! :D :D

This was the scene on Barrack Rd, Mt Wellington this evening at about 1930hrs.
Photo taken by my friend Daniel. Apparently this vehicle was involved in a chase for 3 vehicles that were involved in a burglary, which failed to stop... and then rammed the cop cars. Cop was unhurt... its still an impressive sight, however!

Image used with permission.

UPDATE: Heres the bad guy:

Now that i'm a little more happy with exactly how this stuff is going to work, i've enabled user comments and accounts on here.
This means that readers can create their own logins and comment on articles etc that i've posted.

No idea if it'll even get used or not. I guess we'll see :-)

The NZ Herald Article on a fatal accident in Auckland CBD earlier this year. A driver of Chinese heritage pulled a U-Turn on Symonds St - Driving whilst Disqualified - killed a Motorcyclist.

Student Bo Cong pleaded guilty to careless driving causing the death of James and injuring Joe, who recently turned 21 and still suffers from a leg injury suffered in the March 25 crash.

Cong, who came from China in January 2001, pleaded not guilty to driving while forbidden. He said he did not understand the meaning of a ticket he was issued two months before the crash for failing to produce a New Zealand driver's licence.

Judge Simon Lockhart, QC, found Cong not guilty of driving while forbidden to drive. He said there was a possibility Cong did not know what "forbidden" meant because of his limited English.

Yesterday Cong was sentenced to 250 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for two years.

DID NOT UNDERSTAND what 'Forbidden' meant. How can you drive on NZ roads - be subject to NZ Law and Policing - and not understand lawful instructions given by Police? Or a Court Order?????

Rediculous. My sympathy to the family of the man who died. Whilst I agree a jail term probably serves no purpose - theres no justice in a case like this. :(

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