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Woman hit by train sues rail company - because "the railroad was negligent for failing to post signs warning "of the dangers of walking near train tracks and that the tracks were actively in use.""

erm.. huh?

I've had a few registrations for user accounts on here recently.
At least one that appears to be in Pakistan, and a couple more from Egypt.
These aren't people I know, and none have taken the time to introduce themselves.
Thus i'm saying here and now that 'randoms' who sign up to my portal will remain blocked. Nuff said.

Theres more at the my account link which explains my policies on user accounts.

The NZ Herald reports. I actually was witness to part of this chase, as it ran right past my house. I don't understand why people don't just stop, and save everybody a lot of effort...

It was good to see the Police being relatively safe about the whole thing, too...

Scary. This is what Alcohol will do to ya ! :P

The Incredibles is out.
So I decided to play the game and find out...

WooHoo :P

Check out the MSDN Library and see for yourself. Amongst the listed protocols are SSL - TCP/IP - SCSI - IPX - FTP .... like, what are they on????

I got an email today - from - essentially stating:

"Your ticket opened via email to will now be closed, as we were unable to parse your report"

Eg - Theyre using an automated system - and refused to deal with my complaint because it didn't fit into their automation.

My complaint was a mime-encoded full-headers copy of a spam message relayed via their network. Hell, I used PINE - a fairly fundamental console-plain-text-type email program for *nix servers - and they still cant handle.

Rediculous - and unacceptable.

In this day and age ISPs are obligated to 'do the right thing'. Too many internet connections add to the chaos online - spambots, drones, open proxies, open mail relays - its essentialy impossible to find the people who abuse these systems, so all we can do at least for the moment is make life as hard for them as possible. By closing down vulnerabilities.

But no... my simple complaint wasnt good enough for So theyd rather see their network continue to abuse other internet users instead of be a responsible netizen.

I'm glad to say that generally speaking ISPs in NZ take abuse@ reports seriously. Maybe its a result of the relatively close-knit community. Even the Big Players - Xtra, TelstraClear, Ihug - acknowledge abuse reports and action them. (well, action them at least. Theyre known to fail to respond from time to time.)

Anyway. If this happens again I might have to start blacklisting their netblocks by offense.. :/ carries this article - with thanks to Vik's clippings list again. Neat.

The only bugger I see is the eventual removal of the actual pilot from the aircraft, which is not nearly as romantic as being in the aircraft...

What do you expect when you run infront of a Train?.

Similarly, if you intend to drive away from the scene of an accident (which is illegal), Don't leave your Numberplate Behind..

In other news, Of 11 people arrested overnight last night because of their failing to stop for a police officer, this one must have been really keen - 4 sets of spikes, didn't stop - was driving on his RIMS in a truck for ~half an hour.

Damn theres some screwed up people out there...

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