is an article referring to a house fire on Dominion Rd yesterday. If you look at the picture its not easy to tell, but the fire was primarily in the Garage. The house, while largely untouched (except for the roofspace upstairs) still took a hell of a lot of damage. Firefighters were on the scene for quite some time, i'd estimate at least 4 hours or more.

This sort of thing really serves as a reminder of the power of Fire, and the need to have insurance, smoke detectors and sprinklers where available.

Due to the high volume of 'anonymous' signups (and signups from people who don't seem to understand how to follow instructions) I have disabled the user signup process.
I can create accounts manually for those who would like them. Fill in the form at and let me know - and i'll create an account for you.

But if your reasons aren't genuine - dont bother.

NZ Herald carries a followup to an earlier article I read on the levels of literacy at Canterbury University.

To get into University you're supposed to have 3 C passes in Bursary - Minimum. You'd think it'd be safe to assume that they can read and write in english !! (its an english language institution, after all...)

I don't get it..

From time to time I come across people - from all aspects of my life - who seem to be just impossible to get on with.

I don't know why. I certainly don't go out of my way to create enemies out of people. Even if I disagree with them on some point or the other, this is not going to effect my ability to deal with them in a civil manner - or simply, by choice, avoid interacting with them at all, in order to mitigate the risk of conflict. (Its a more modern version of the 'just walk away' concept, I guess).

It seems, however, that I might have idealistic views.
Theres a few people out there from both IRL and Online forums that seem to love to find reasons to be intensely irritating.

These are people whos attitudes are arrogant in the extreme, at least in their dealings with me. They will take opportunity to create conflict whenever they can, whether its appropriate or not. And they don't seem to know when it is best to simply ignore, bow out, disregard or 'walk away' from a situation.

I know there are a few people that I deliberately avoid or ignore. I'm not interested in getting into a pissing contest with someone over a relatively miniscule point, just because the guy feels the need to disagree with me. Having tried to 'make friends' - and fail, typically - i'm more than happy to 'live and let live'. I don't understand why this isn't reciprocated.

I can cite examples from all over the place. At this stage i'm not going to name specifics as this might risk making this blog too personal, and create further aggrivation. I just want to move on. It seems, however, that my efforts to be the 'bigger man' are falling on deaf ears.

Why can't we all just get along?

[edit: updated 16 Dec with some new info... see comments]

I dunno what it is but seems to be making the rounds in NZ all over again.

Its a subject of discussion on as well as on Toyspeed.

Then tonight I get spam...

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 00:09:51 -0800

From: Michael Wells

To: toyspeed@

Subject: Michael Wells's invitation


I have created an account for myself and another one for you -- to send free text (SMS) messages to mobile phones. Can you
please click on the link below to complete your sign-up. Don't worry it is quick. Smile.

If you're already a member of, click here:



Now, I presume that Michael is someone that knows me from Toyspeed... as thats the address I use for that role only.

I assume therefore that Michael, has gone through and submitted the email addresses of people he knows as potential users. Probably based on a profit motive.

Note the message doesn't supply any header information that could be used to trace the origins of the actual referral outside of the name, which in this case, I dont recognise.

So notwithstanding the fact that someone who knows me has obviously decided its appropriate to use one of these systems - and try to recruit other members in a way which obviously offers some benefit to them (profit?? free SMS credit likely in this case) - are obviously out to get attention again.

Unimpressed. I just added the MTA range into my droplist, noting that it is a quite different IP to that which spammed me recently. See...

This Story from the NZ Herald tells of a 17 year old who had >$40,000 of fines wiped - because he has refused to pay up.

Hes been done for speeding and other driving offenses - including failing to display L-Plates - and refuses to pay because he 'hates the cops'.

Not only that, the Judge wiped his fines in favour of community service because he doesn't have an income but the kid has the gall to admitt he has money afterward - and that he chooses not to pay up.

I don't get it. If you're guilty, you do the time (or pay the fine) - the fines are meant to dissuade people from offending or reoffending, wheres the value if peoples obstinance can be used as a workaround?

The kid thinks the cops are picking on him. Yet if he were innocent, there'd be a genuine case for the courts to answer . Hes obviously doing something wrong...

He has a 'crew'... at the risk of playing on stereotypes, it sounds very much like him and his crew don't do anything to help themselves, if theyre drawing attention to themselves.

I feel strongly about this, if only because the kids attitude is terrible, and hes getting away with far too much. Courts should have the ability to impose stronger restrictions, somehow... (yet I know its not that simple).

[Edit 7 Dec - See comments for details]

Now THIS challenges the definition of 'burnout'... its absurd!

And from the Herald also - although the article is broken:

Drag racer in critical condition

22.11.2004 6.00 am

A drag racer was in a critical condition in Hutt Hospital last night after his car crossed the finish line and careered off the road at a race meet.

Police said the car crashed into a warehouse at the event in Seaview, Lower Hutt, just before 3pm.

Ambulance and fire services already at the site cut the driver free.


-- More 'Boyracers' giving car enthusiasts a bad name. Fools.

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