Came across This Article recently. Summarises the entire issue far more succinctly than I could have. READ IT and LEARN.

(And for those of you who habitually use plain text already - well done..)


"departure likely to be at around 4:30pm". Thanks Freedomair... :/
Booked for 3pm.. :/

(Oh yeah, i'm off to Brisbane for a few days :))

Mutter mutter...

Thanks to Snooker: reports. Through link to The BBC Article. Has the world gone bonkers?

This happened yesterday. Ironically enough I was within the Cordon area yesterday evening, participating in the Open Day at Papakura Radio Club...

Will presume the guy has a mental problem of some description, but can't think why else you'd do this....

I pity the people whos cars were within the cordon, etc, who were stuck immobile for about 6 hours...

Here. And yes, theyre damn cool PCs.

Shame about the 512KB (kilobytes) of RAM in one of them, eh. [eyeroll]

Heh - ya'd think theyd correct it in the electronic version at least :P

Massive Fire in Christchurch. has photos. NZ Herald tells the story. Must be big if it 1) gets to 5th Alarm (the scale doesn't go higher) and 2) Rangiora trucks are called into the city for cover....

UPDATE: Its Still Burning! 1 person (a homeless person it seems) unaccounted for. (Maybe 2 now...)

Video - Sunday Night
Video - Monday Midday - feeds sourced from TVNZ and hosted at XtraMSN....

Took a bit of digging - Google, interestingly enough, don't have it index'd very well. (if at all). Altavista however had it on something like the third or fourth page. - when I was looking for a Caldina this site was a good reference and has some interesting stuff. Now i've found it i'm putting it somewhere I can re-find-it. ! :) gets hijacked (two articles) and Melbourne IT are far from responsive in the first instance (reason? It was the weekend.)

Ok, so they dealt with it first thing Monday Morning, but this is BAD PR.
Also worth noting Verisign (who control .com) were far from helpful. NANOG list archives are an interesting read.

NZ Defence Force's Citrix Rollout article from has a 'whistleblower' citing major problems with the rollout. I'm not willing to comment on this except to say that theres two sides to every story. Hell every company i've been involved with has had opposition to significant change from _somewhere_...

Also from the 'we've got old airframes' file:

Breakdown grounds RNZAF Flight

Foreign Minister Goff stranded by broken-down Hercules

Defence Minister Mark Burton comments on Herc upgrades

Herc fleet needs expanding and upgrading

We have half a dozen airframes capable of transport (that aren't the 757s or King Air's) - all being C130's that are closing on 40 years old. If you assume that 1 is reserved for emergencies - 1 is deployed overseas - 1 is down for overhaul - 1 is down for routine maintenance... Thats two on the run. These aircraft are used not only for basic cargo stuff but also SATS - rostered flights for defence personnel as they move around the country. Busy stuff. (Lets not even begin to think about working with the Army, exercises, etc etc). Nowonder theyre wearing out?

Maybe i'm oldfashioned.

Maybe I had a weirdly well-thought-out upbringing.

Heres a question. What times of the Day or Night is it appropriate to ring someone (excluding emergencies) ?

The times obviously got later as I got older. But as a kid it was 8:30 - 9 - 9:30 or 10 for some people who were usually awake at that hour. But there was a guideline that my parents laid down which pretty much carried its way into common sense - unless theres something hugely pressing, why risk disturbing someone at home at night? Why wake them or their family up?

Anyway. It seems this theory escaped a few people. I've had calls on my cellphone at rediculous hours.

Those who know me know that i'm on call quite a lot. I get woken by a pager or a phone in the middle of the night and therefore a full nights sleep is a rarity. My cellphone stays on for emergencies. People use my cellphone generally, as my landline number has changed a lot in the last few years as i've moved from place to place.

So what makes people ring (or SMS) at 1am? Some blind assumption that their mind-shatteringly-important question (which isn't anywhere near that important) is more important than the sleep of the people at the other end? (note people, not person; there are other people in the house who get woken!)

Maybe I need to add to this the fact that both of the recent cases i've dealt with - and taken up with - have resulted in them actually deleting my number from their phone directories instead of simply apologising. (Actually not true. One deleted me as a preventative measure, which was fair enough. He can still find me when he needs me for a legitimate reason...)

I dunno. Maybe expecting a voluntary apology was too much. Maybe expecting an acknowledgement to my 'prodding' for at least an acknowledgement that what was done was a 'bad thing' is unreasonable.

But, DAYUM. Am I so unreasonable?

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