WAYN.com - whereareyounow.net - spammers! (more of the same...)


The stories on that page are pretty much self supporting.

See also http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=81652

http://www.wayn.com does the same thing but they don't just stick to hotmail.
They also ask for Gmail passwords too (I think they also give you the option to import Yahoo mail addresses.

Once they have your contacts list they spam everyone who's ever e-mailed you. I got 3 WAYN invites on 3 different addresses from a friend of mine who did this.

People really have to be educated about stuff like this. These sites are just full of ads and a "legal" way of harvesting valid e-mail addresses.

For godsake. Why don't people learn???

/me adds them to my RBL... getting rather sick of multiple and repeat notices 'apparently' instigated by someone I know. More likely that the stupid someone filled in their passwords to their mail accounts and are now at the mercy of WAYN.

Just like birthdayalarm.com eh. And all the rest!!! Came across another one this week thanks to my Cousin in the UK - http://www.zorpia.com/ - another to KEEP AWAY from!!


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Hmm. I black holed their MTAs and i'm still getting their mail - wonder if theyre deliberately avoiding the block?

I maintain, people are stupid! Who gives their passwords to a random third party??

Do people not realise the problems that spam causes the world - how rampant it is, how hard it is to stop... !

Spam is the worst virus of all...

It's still alive

More than 6 year after the last post and it's is still alive and going. I have recieved a email yesterday inviting me and thought it was a bit funny as I didn't know anyone with the name who has invited me to the wayn network. Thanks BlakJak for posting the above, If you are still alive.

I agree, who every these people are that has started it and still doing it, I hope they get some sort of illness where their hands fall off.

Annoyed Person for RSA

I'm still interested that

I'm still interested that this Blog entry gets found. You're welcome. :-)


I found the WAYN email too, but I won't reply since I found these posts here. Thanks for sharing your info.