Why I agree with Dr Don Brash.

NZ Media has been going crazy recently with Dr Brash's comments regarding race based policies. Hes advocating "1 New Zealand" and avoiding having race based policies.

The response from opposition has been that its need based, not race based.

This article however demonstrates exactly how warped the entire thing has gotten:


Work and Income staff are being paid bonuses based on the race of the jobseekers they place into work.

The scheme varies around the country, but in Counties-Manukau, staff are awarded three bonus points for placing a Maori in a job, two points for a Pacific Islander and one for a Pakeha. The points help determine the size of their annual bonus.

So a white unemployed person is goin to get quite substantially less attention from the WINZ employee - because its not in their financial interest to provide them the same level of support!!! Absolutely rediculous.

I say, scrap the treaty, lets all be one country. 160+ years have gone by, lets move forward. I'm all for need-based rules, but theres no way we should be judging people based on their colour - that is RACIST. Lets judge each individual case on its merits.