Todays Spam Warning - Aerial Impressions, you're in my shitlist (don't trade with these guys!)


Just received an obvious Spam; it was directed to an email address used solely for domain name management (i.e. it was plucked out of a domain 'whois' output).

That was the first sign of trouble. Plenty more...

Next we have a firm offering a special on aerial photography of NZ. I should be grateful they got my country right, I suppose?
Then you keep reading.

Embedded links point to a ( - it appears to have valid, if limited, registration details (registrant = Aerial Impressions, address in Australia (City, no state given, though it appears it's in Victoria).

A look on the Australian ABN Lookup tool for 'Aerial Impressions' reveals that it is a Trading Name for a company actually known as DGB Technologies Pty Ltd.


When I used Google to search for "DGB TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD" (copy/pasted from the ABR Site), they 'automagically' provided me with DBG Technologies - note the B and G are transposed! - as the first hit, along with several more. I didn't notice this until I was contacted by a helpful reader - and by one of the directors of DBG, seeking to clarify!!

I apologise profusely to DBG - the legitimate, South Australia Registered firm who appear to be unrelated to DGB.

Just for entertainment, feel free to compare their entries in the ABR:

DGB Technologies (Trading as Aerial Impressions)


DBG Technologies Pty Ltd who have their website at - note the spelling.

Now back to the rest of the article...

I personally note that the use of a Trading Name to register a domain name may well be a grey area in the context of the .nz Terms and Conditions for Registering Domain Names, but I'll let that one ride as it's not the worst...

Next point of note; The email text cites:

Email sent by
Aerial Impressions
1912 , 24B Moorefield Rd
Johnsonville, Wellington 6037
PHONE: 0800450182

If I throw '24 Moorefield Rd, Wellington' into Google Maps, guess what I find!

Business Registration Advice? Virtual Offices?!

The latter links to another domain I won't turn to a hyperlink - - who offer the means to obtain a registered office in NZ - a requirement for registering a business in NZ - and then guidance on registering New Zealand Businesses. (Gee, shades of recent terrorists plots?!)

So we have an Australian firm attempting to pass itself off as Locally based - when they don't list anything but an 0800 number (which can easily terminate overseas - many do) and a 'virtual office' address. What a waste.

The fact that the company is not infact registered in NZ (despite the virtual address; insofar as I can see no obvious ties to a registered NZ Business as checked in the companies office) means that logging with the Antispam Unit is probably of little value. A shame that AS-NZ antispam ops don't appear to have much guts yet?

Anyway, I seriously hope that folks will absolutely refuse to support any business that engages in Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE).... I for one could never, ever endorse buying product from this firm or its companions (but note, not the other, similar firm!). And No, i'm not in the market for aerial photography!


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Theyre back.... !

Received another spam from Aerial Impressions today. Another complaint filed.
A different mail system used this time, but it's obvious that whoever it is behind the firm hasn't learnt any lessons.

Most of the key details havn't changed - 1912, 24B Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037. There's a pointer to and a reference to The source email address was actually and the mail relay that connected to me was " ( [])"

It appears this blog entry has been search-engine indexed as a I had a very old acquaintance find this article and drop me a message the same day as the spam delivery, noting he'd also received it.

They're still using the email address plucked out of my .nz whois records. And I am once again frustrated by the lack of ability to smack this guy (or these guys) over the head for being such a bunch of .... well, I don't need to be that rude on here! Point made I think. :(

Additional news!

I've had correspondence with someone (yeah, sounds convaluted) who uncovered further detail; it appears the mailout was contracted to none other than 'Image Marketing'... yes... the same outfit run by the notorious spammer, Brendan Battles.

Funny, the last spam i received that was conclusively care of him, was directed at the same email address... !

So yes, it all fits. And it looks like the sod behind Aerial Impressions - Darren Burridge - has had the poor judgement to buy an email marketing service, and the bad luck to pick NZ's most notorious spammer as his service provider.

Lookie Here... I'm not the