Who steals a Puppy>?!?!@>#@ Help Colin & Rachael get their poor pup back!

Doin' my bit to spread the word. Good luck guys. This is evil, evil stuff (Rachael tells me the Pup must've been targetted given the nature of the break-in-and-grab) and the punks responsible need to be brought to justice. So sad!!


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Unfortunately its a common

Unfortunately its a common occurance, - another woman I know had her chihuahua stolen out of her car (smash n grab styles) while they were in Taupo


Reported that the puppy has been found and returned!
Biggie Ups to those who helped out.

It's in the paper! (The Manukau Courier anyway) http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/manukau-courier/2947434/Yoyo-bounces-back