Cyclists want a lower speed limit on Tamaki Drive...

... in the aftermath of a terrible accident....

... which was entirely an idiot-drivers fault. Based on reports, the driver actually accellerated into a pack of cyclists.

I know i've copped flack from my readers in the past, because of my attitude to some cyclists who get uppity at drivers for being discourteous - and because i've experienced some pretty poor behavior on the part of cyclists too.

However in this case it has to be said; it appears the Driver was at fault.

It also needs to be said, though: In a situation where the vehicle drivers stupidity is the cause, a reduced speed limit would not have helped. Really. The road is only 50km/h limited now. They want to see it reduced to 40? 30? It takes long enough to get around there now :o And honestly, a driver at 50km/h should have plenty of opportunity to see, and appropriately avoid, a cyclist or even better, a large bunch of highly visible cyclists.

So whilst it's pretty clear that the police are on the right track with this one, I'm afraid I don't support the knee-jerkiness of the response from Cyclists.

The appropriate response should be to vastly improve driver education, and to visibly come down hard on those whos stupidity causes problems.


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No charges yet laid.

Followup notes the City Council are trying to smooth ruffled feathers between cyclists and motorists, etc.

And yet the offender had recently received a (minor) speeding ticket.

I'm not sure that's as bad as the media are implying, but it's definately not a good look?!