Better Labelling for 'Whole Water' - but is it infact necessary? (aka Parents should take responsibility!)

A dairy-allergic baby was hospitalised after drinking 'Whole Water'.

This despite the ingredients list citing 'Milk Protien' in the ingredients list.

I feel for the parents involved, ... but surely checking the ingredients of things you feed your child - given the amount of dairy in our diets across the board - should be the rule, not the exception?

Milk protiens are pretty obviously dairy. Even if the ingredients are 'fine print'...

No excuse for not checking the ingredients yourself for -each thing- you give your child. Sorry but little sympathy here!

Sure, initial shops can be challenging, but you do adapt to a more restrictive menu over time. The best person to attest to this is probably my wife Liz - who has been the primary caregiver to our daughter, who shares the same allergy. We've not had to take her to the hospital yet, through careful management. (And even I have a good idea (now) what to look for, and what to avoid. It did take me a little longer to come to grips with, though.)

I do feel, sometimes, that people don't take allergies like Dairy seriously. You need to inspect the ingredients list of _everything_. There's often non-dairy substitutes. But you can't make assumptions... you must check.

The parents of the kids referenced in the article above, need to take a substantial shrae of the responsibility for the near-misses they've survived. Can't see any other conclusion there.


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For god sakes, its not like

For god sakes, its not like its a bottle of spring water, I don't understand whats so hard about taking a few seconds to scan the ingredient list to see if it contains something your child is allergic too, especially if they are _that_ allergic to it!.

Honestly "whole's" packaging alone would lead me to check what is in it!.

Sure Fonterra could make it clearer but really it's the parents job to protect their kids and make sure they are safe from the wrong things.