Short Notice and Unscheduled Downtime today!

[EDIT: Scheduled Outage to move the server will now occur tomorrow (Friday) between 0815 and 1000hrs]

Hi Folks - sorry for a couple of unscheduled outages this morning and the further outage yet to occur later this afternoon.
The people I host with are moving between premesis in Wellington and in the prep for this managed to drop the power to my server a couple of times this morning (!) - a bit later today there will be a 30-to-40 minute outage while the server is deliberately downed, physically moved between addresses and the network is stood up at the new site. Hopefully that'll be the end of it for a while. ;-)

Moving premesis and keeping things operational is a problematic evolution at the best of times, so whilst I have assurances impact will be kept to a minimum, we also know that patience is going to be needed until things are stable at the new site.

Sorry for any inconvenience - please note i knew nothing of this until an hour ago! :)