Rediculous Verdict - and shoddy reporting?

TVNZ's coverage of the Not Guilty virdict over the vandalism at Waihopai was among those published tonight.

Firstly my personal viewpoint is that it was private property, invaded, and vandalised, plain and simple. No 'Higher Power' and no immediate danger to others, should be usable as an excuse for this sort of behavior (yet it was, and successfully too). Utterly dissapointed, I am.

But TVNZ, seriously. Last I checked Satellites were the things that fly around the earth in orbit. Not the Sattelite DISHES pointed at them.


[Edit: Kiwiblog has an interesting take on the situation, and indeed, the ramifications of this decision - notwithstanding the comments I saw on 3 News last night where the Jury were specifically instructed to disregard any precedent the crime might set!]


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I'm not the only one it appears!

Glad to hear the verdict is annoying others, not just me.

The Crown should definately appeal!!

Additional reporting.

More from the Herald noting this shouldn't be 'precedent setting' and that it's simply a case of "...that the Crown had not proved beyond reasonable [doubt] that they did not honestly believe they were entitled to do this,"

There's also a pretty good editorial.

Dompost Editorial.