Notification of Scheduled Services Outage - 28 February 2011

Hi Everyone,

This is becoming a habit!

The server is to be relocated again; this time because it's current landlord is moving house, and the server has to move with it!

We're working to minimise impact (which, of course, impacts on our own services as well as the folks we host) but at this stage I can advise as follows:

- Moving-out of the current premesis kicks off on Saturday 26 February.
- The Internet Connection should[1] remain available until Monday 28 February.
- At some stage (time unable to be accurately determined) on Monday 28 February, will be physically taken down and moved to its new premesis.
- The same day, it's backhaul link (a TelstraClear cable connect in Wellington at present) is to be moved from current premesis to new premesis. It's likely that this will involve an IP address change as well, but this is unconfirmed.
- In preparation for the possibility of IP change, DNS TTL's have been lowered. Downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum but you should expect the server to be offline for several hours on the Monday during the transition phase.

The aim is of course to minimise impact (to you and also to ourselves) so with this in mind, David's put a bit of work into a contingency option.

If we struggle with connectivity during the transition, the server will be placed online over whatever means are available, and a rather cleverly architectured VPN + Proxy arrangement will kick in. The result should be that most services (in particular mail and web) will come back even as we work to fix the issues. (Of course, DNS will still be working for all domain names as they're redundantly hosted, any email sent will be queued, etc).

If the contingency plan referenced above is needed, please note additional flow-on effects:
-- It's possible that the non-host record (eg as opposed to for sites we host will not work immediately.
-- FTP transfers will likely be unavailable during the contingency. This'll mainly affect the ability to update web content.

When the new site is stable on a fixed (native) IP address, DNS will be updated and all services restored to current status, and ultimately things will return to normal pretty quickly due to the prep work we've already undertaken.

We still plan to transition the majority of services onto another server we have in place (on an ISP network in Auckland) but as a hobby service, finding time to complete this work has been a challenge. We remain committed to delivering on current arrangements and if there's any risk to continued operations, we'll be in touch directly.

Further, if you experience any troubles with anything you've got hosted with us, please get in touch and we'll investigate and resolve as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

Mark Foster & David Anso
021 499 368 (Mark)