Notification of Scheduled Services Outage - 20 January 2011

The following was also sent via email to all the folks currently on file as having services with

Our server is again on the move; the folks who’ve been providing hosting for me for the last few years in Wellington are no longer offering the service as of this month and as such we’re in the process of prepping the server to be relocated.

** Relocation is to take place at 5pm on Thursday 20 January. Expected Outage Duration is up to 4 hours **.

During the outage the server will be physically uplifted and moved to a new location. This change will include a change of IP address for the server, as it’ll be moving to a new Service Provider. Once placed back online consequential DNS changes will be made to ensure that all sites and services are restored to service quickly, but there is some engineering required in this, so plenty of time is allowed for. Some prep work has already been carried out to make sure the change is as smooth as possible.

IMPORTANT: If your DNS service is not hosted @ and/or David or I don’t directly administer your DNS server settings for your domain names, you’ll need to make contact with me ASAP so we can get the DNS records changed. This can happen anytime from now on, so please email or call me.

If your site remains down after 9pm tomorrow night, please get in touch so we can investigate. We expect to have everything up and running before then.

There are some further changes planned for the future for several of the services hosted, you will be contacted individually if you’ll be affected but the ongoing goal of course is to minimise downtime and maximise site performance and reliability, within the means available to us.

Apologies for the relatively short notice on this change, we had originally intended to occur next week but for a variety of reasons we’ve opted to take advantage of a window of opportunity that exists for tomorrow.

The Admins.

PS: As much as is possible, updates will be posted to my Administrivia Category and also to my Twitter stream, so in particular keep an eye on those places.