A headusp that due to what I can only describe as a clerical error, the virtual machine that hosted has been deleted in the last few days.

I've temporarily set up a Listserv on the NZOSS infrastructure (which I host) to keep folks in the loop. All the people whos email addresses I had in my inbox associated with NZLUG and Auckland LUG have been subscribed. Others are welcome. Details are here. I will update this page as I hear further.

Update: Dylan Reeve, who owns/co-ran the hosting server, has explained what went on in a blog post of his own. :( Until Nic returns from his holiday we're not sure where the various LUG's stands, except that Nic does think he has backups of all important data (notably the list membership database and mail archive for the list) as of a few months ago. So the data loss may not be huge in that front.

Can't speak for the website however....

More as I hear.


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The details

I've written up the situation here:

Basically I failed for pay an invoice (thought I had paid it in advance, didn't check relevant email account often enough), then server was deleted.

Thanks Dylan. As much as you

Thanks Dylan. As much as you forgot to pay, it does seem pretty harsh for them to take such a hard-line stance on the situation, particularly due to the holiday period (which is obviously a bigger deal in NZ than it perhaps is in the US).


UALUG data

Hi Mark and Dylan,
I'm from UALUG and we had our mailing list hosted on I was wondering what the situation with the VPS is now. I have been away during the period and was unaware of what happened until now. Do you know if anyone else is planning to restore and the mailing lists? Or if not, can I retrieve our past data somewhere?


Hi Noel, I spoke with Nic

Hi Noel,
I spoke with Nic (the other server admin) late last week and he told me he was going to try to recover as much as possible onto a new host this weekend.
Unfortunately he has advised that there are no current backups of the server, the last backup is from May 2010. To rebuild the email web archive extracts from people's mailboxes may be required...

I havn't had an update from Nic yet, will let him know about your enquiry.