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... I have found that over time i've developed the habit of using Ctrl-W to close Windows.
I suppose this replaced the old Ctrl-F4 habit I used to have when I realised that Ctrl-F4 was very much a Windows-Only thing and that Ctrl-W was more widely supported (in particular, in Firefox, regardless of OS.)

Today after closing Firefox inadvertantly (by hitting Ctrl-Q, instead of Ctrl-W, by accident, and not for the first time!) I threw a frustrated search into Google, pondering whether Ctrl-Q could be disabled.

What do you know.... It Can. Keyconfig installed, and configuration changed.
I also took the opportunity to disable the F12 mapping for Firebug - another Firefox addon that I have installed and use very occasionally - but not often enough to justify stealing the F12 mapping (that I do have to use elsewhere - mainly when using the remote KVM on our blade chassis at work...!)

I must admit it really is great to be able to use a tool like Firefox and know that there's an addon for just about everything. :-) I have FireFTP, Adblock Plus, HTTPS-Everywhere, Firebug, Gmail Manager, NoScript and User-Agent Switcher (off the top of my head) and the best part is that I can use those addons on any of my machines, as long as they run Firefox (of a current nature). Windows, Linux, the lot.

Now if only they hadn't changed to this crummy version numbering schema they're now using to keep up with the Joneses, or is that, the Googles...

So.. my Ubuntu 10.10 box having been supplied with RPA data for Firefox and Thunderbird, upgraded me to Firefox 8.0 about a week ago.

Interestingly now if I try to hit it now tries to send me a download into my browser...

"application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml (-1 bytes)"

If I hit their Fastnet site directly that renders as expected - until you finish your session, click 'logout' and it tries to redirect you elsewhere.

I was engaging ASB via Twitter who have their guys 'looking into it' and it appears to be related to my Firefox 8 upgrade.

Interestingly I also discovered that wont load in Firefox 8 either. However I grabbed the User Agent Switching plugin last night, and today I can visit both of the above with an alternative user-agent selected.

For comparison here's my pre and post-upgrade user-agents:

"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1"

(well, as of 11 November)

"Mozilla/5.0 (Ubuntu; X11; Linux x86_64; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0"

(as of today)

Interesting the 'Ubuntu' assertion that's been inserted.

So, um, 'hai hotfrog, hai ASB, please update your user-agent lists, thx!' :-)

(And it's not just me. Check out Auckland LUG discussion for more.)

Web URL's known to not work with my FF8/Ubuntu User Agent: as at 20111130 renders mobile site. @ASBBank have Acknowledged and are 'looking into' it. as at 20111130 doesn't work at all. @HotFrogAU has Acknowledged which is excellent. as at 20111130 renders mobile site. No tweeting for them?

This was one I did ages ago, and it came up again recently so I fished it out of my browser history. I was surprised I hadn't blogged it at the time... so here it is!

(and my first time using an iframe!)

Reference materials from last nights presentation on Information Security (INFOSEC) can be found as follows.

1. NZFS IT Policy
- Note - All users of NZFS ICT Systems are obliged to adhere to all policies above, so taking the time to have a quick look through the titles in the IT Policy Section that would relate to you is a good idea. In particular check out the policies for Intranet, Internet and Email use. Note too that this is a direct link to the NZFS Intranet so you'll need your username and password to access the content.

2. NZ Government references for the security of official NZ Government Information.

I'm currently tinkering with some new theme options. Sorry if anything looks a bit wonky. Decided it's indeed time for a change. :-)

Until recently i've been disallowing comments from anonymous users.
This was largely due to the obvious (spam etc) and i'm looking into the newer tools that're available within Drupal to deal to these now that i've upgraded, so this is an experiment for a little while. This is a blog site, so I do welcome comments (it's just that i've previously required folks to sign up, which remains a manual process for the time being.)

Most readers of this will not have a clue what i'm on about.
Some will. That's fine.
Mainly I'm blogging this now because I need to put it somewhere i'll find it later, so that I read it and slap myself around before giving in.

To what, you ask? To a momentary lapse in reason. To having a selfish moment. To sharing that moment with a couple of key people you respect. And then being shot down... and in hindsight, deserving it.

Well after a nail-biting finish, New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup 2011 by ONE POINT last night. The French fought well, but so did our guys, with some awesome, grinding defence holding onto posession - and that winning point margin - in the last few minutes of the game and some standout work by a last minute substitution... ! (I'm sure you'll be reading about this everywhere, so I wont go on... !)

I've been very busy personally with RWC-related things; my Fire Brigade have been out-and-about quite a bit ensuring that we've had ready-response capability on standby during matches and the hours either side where the Fanzones in Auckland have been going nutty. Aside from two shifts on-station in the CBD, I had three further shifts of catering (as the duty Canteen driver) and during the Final, I had one of the guys and one of our contingency vehicles standing by at home. And we got a call too - missed the first 15 minutes of the game!.

Today as part of the celebrations for our Win we decided to bite the bullet and take the kids to the massive Parade that'd been laid on in celebration of the hard-fought, long-awaited win. So after establishing a position on the parade route a full 2 hours before the kickoff, we had a 'fair' view of goings on. And they did a good job...

Herewith a video I took of the NZ Army Band doing a great rendition of "Kamate", the Haka we all know and grew up with...

Now with photos!. Damn my kids are cute:


And of course, most importantly...

Plenty more in my Gallery.

Stuff has the article thanks to @roanne1 for tweeting about it.

I know for a fact one of my email addresses is in that database. So i'm keen to see this plonker, plonked...

Shamelessly stolen from part way down the page.

So originally when this broke a few days ago I did Xander/Divirsit's fix and it seemed to work good. However earlier today I noticed that it stopped letting me left click on the user account and correctly pull up the gmail mailbox in a new tab. It would always redirect me to the gmail login page instead of auto logging in like it always did.. I ended up modifying the link in gmServiceGmail.js as follows:

this._loginURL = "";
should be changed to this
this._loginURL = "";

After I changed that I can now click on a mailbox from gmail manager and it launch the mailbox fully logged in like usual. If anyone else started having this same problem today try the above change, hopefully it works..

I'm hoping the dev picks back up this add-on or maybe we'll have to repackage it and release it soon under a different name.

Implemented and worked for me. You need to restart Firefox before it'll take effect.

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