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Looks like a legacy site for a Fire Police unit in Pennsylvania, USA. Havn't read all of it yet but what I have looks interesting enough. :)

Ok so this is what happens when staff @ F&P get bored. News Story - Study shows Mac OS X Server among most secure in world

The article includes the following quote which I think is important:

"the swift adoption of Linux last year within the online government and non-government server community, coupled with inadequate training and knowledge of how to keep that environment secure when running vulnerable third party applications, has contributed to a consistently higher proportion of comprised Linux servers."

So there you go. Its one thing moving to an Open Source environment- its another thing using it securely.

Ok so I found this and wanted to share... its a pretty damn good review of the LiveCD Linux examples, Knoppix being the most famous.

I run a Harddisk-installed version of Knoppix 3.3. These are IMHO the best examples of Linux yet to be produced....

I'm just getting the hang of this system and it seems i'd be better off using Blogs, not Nodes, for - well - blog stuff.

The above is a list of all the road closures in place in the Manawatu area at the moment, due to flooding and so on. NZ's in the midst of the worst flooding its had in 100 years, with the bill already running into in excess of NZ$100 Million.

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