Included in this article is a statement which indicates that an ISP with 100,000 users loses US$60,000 PER YEAR due to worms.

Late for work today. Overslept. Body just didnt wanna emerge from slumber.
Took 35 minutes from bed to desk. That wasnt too bad considering the hour....

Todays interesting links...

Who steals just a car door??????

Xtra Stops sending out AV Notification Bounces due to most recent email worm traffic volume - about time people disabled this crap...

Oh incidentally I wholly support the position given at about antivirus spammers.

Tonight, I think ill switch back to my DSL-500 ADSL Router. I've been using an Alcatel recently as my DLink was giving me grief. Big ups to LAN1 who went the extra mile to help me out and get the thing sorted under warranty. DLink ended up replacing the unit, as mine was crashing and refusing to take a firmware upgrade.

Dropped my car in to GTC Toyota this morning to have a few of its niggled sorted out....

I'm a bit concerned its going to cost me moonbeams... but nevermind! Onward and upward etc etc...


In other news, lots of changes afoot at work - I dont see myself ever being able to put any detail on my website but suffice to say things have changed a lot since I first started within this group of companies - and even if you break it into 6 month blocks the scale of change is pretty huge...

I was told recently that I 'didn't seem like a customer care person'. I dunno. I've worked in customer-facing jobs for almost my whole life... maybe i'm just becoming overly cynical as time goes on? (Helpdesk'r syndrome?)

That said i'd be quite happy in an IT (networking type) role... so if anyone hears about one.. :P

The truth is that I actually quite enjoy many aspects of my job, so i'm not in a huge hurry to move... but I suppose when opportunity knocks... :),39020381,39147917,00.htm

Faulty US software was to blame for one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions the world has ever seen, which took place in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a new book published on Monday.


"In order to disrupt the Soviet gas supply, its hard currency earnings from the West, and the internal Russian economy, the pipeline software that was to run the pumps, turbines, and valves was programmed to go haywire, after a decent interval, to reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to pipeline joints and welds," Reed wrote. "The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space."


Ok so as most of NZ knows, we've had a pretty crappy few weeks weather wise. The '100 year flood' hitting the southern North Island of NZ has been devastating and the flow on effects will last for years to come.

15 February - Just around the corner from home the Fire Service were called to a Tree down over New North Rd near Western Springs Rd in Kingsland. The Tree - a fairly substantial one - came down across the two westbound lanes. Fire Police were also called, to manage the traffic in order to minimse impact, whilst the Fire Service attacked the tree with a Chainsaw.

[Warning. Large images. Click 'Read More' to display...]

As you can probably gather from my association with Toyspeed, i'm a Car Enthusiast. I own a Sports car (Celica GT-Four).

This guy, however, is a LOSER. No two ways about it.,2106,2823889a6496,00.html

He goes to the illegal drags every Friday and Saturday night and has been arrested three times.

He has lost his licence twice, had his car impounded for 28 days and last year paid $8500 in fines.

He is due to appear again in court next month after his car was spotted doing doughnuts on Roscommon Rd.

You, my dear sir, are an idiot.

DSE Now selling a Notebook computer with NO OS SUPPLIED. This of course means you can opt into using Linux, instead of Windows, without buying a Windows license.

Well done DSE! and search for XC3394 .

In other news,
Wellington is having reliability issues in its Fire Trucks.

I think this article probably just highlights how close-to-the-line things have been. The new appliances due later this year are probably just a wee bit later than possibly should have been... but full credit to the way that most NZFS Trucks are maintained - you never really hear of anything major, do you ?

[Update - 2 March 2004] - good grief. This quote gets me:

VeriSign's vice president of government relations, Tom Galvin, claims ICANN has overstepped its bounds by attempting to regulate non-registry-related services and even prices.

Forgive me - but How does wildcarding the .com and .net namespaces NOT effect the registry????

[Original Post]

Ok well the geeks out there probably know all about 'Sitefinder' - the wonderful service that Verisign set up on the root servers for the .com and .net zones - which meant that whenever you typed an address that didnt work, you got taken to a 'did you want to try this instead?' type search engine page, hosted by Verisign.

Its similar to the MSIE 'doesn't exist' error - however...

- You cant opt out.

- It means that *every single possible .com and .net permutation* did actually exist in the DNS. It pointed to a Verisign IP address. Suddenly no way of using the DNS to verify if a domain actually works or not.

Anyway there was a big stink kicked up, and the US Media even grabbed on to it. Unfortunately the key stink-kickers - members of the NANOG community - were branded as a 'small' proportion of the general public, where >80% of people seemed to like the service! Of course these 80% don't realise the collateral damage involved. The Web is NOT the Internet! (Other services exist too ya'know!)

ICANN - the guys who are responsible for administering Internet IP's and Names - Issued a requirement of Verisign to terminate the service pending investigation of its effects. After initially protesting, Verisign capitulated.

Now theyre suing.

Read on for links and more...

- This one deletes files, and the DoS it runs targets MS and the RIAA.

Good ol' Microsoft eh ? Had this happen to me at Work and it took a fair whack of searching to come across this. Well done Greg. :)

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