NZLUG - New Zealand Linux Users Group

I've been an administrator for the New Zealand Linux Users Group for a blimmin' long time now. 2002 I think.
We used to have a nice website under but due to a bit of a disaster with the VM it was on, this was lost, and the last backup of it was a loooong time before that.
With all credit to Nic Bellamy (whos VM it, and who hosted/established NZLUG along with Dylan Reeves, and who remained involved until the VM issue), it looks like that machine isn't coming back anytime soon.

So using the Waybackmachine, here's some key stuff about NZLUG for those interested. I will at some point update this to 'current' and consider whether it should live on my site, or be re-instated under its own domain or server somewhere.


Welcome to
This is the website and domain of the NZLUG - the New Zealand Linux Users Group.

We have a variety of intentions:

To provide support and resources to Linux Users in New Zealand by way of the domain and through the good efforts of our membership.
To host a mailing list promoting the discussion of all issues relating to Linux in New Zealand.
To host a web portal linking Linux Resources into one common location, for the good of all Linux enthusiasts nationwide.
To offer a conduit that allows the easy cooperation and shared resources of all the Linux User Groups that exist nationwide.

We continue to refine and redefine things as we go along, however the NZLUG has two key arenas:

The Website -

The site you are now browsing provides a means to not only interlink Linux User Groups and Linux resources, but also announce news, views and current affairs as appropriate, in a relatively static form. Those interested are welcome to submit articles which will be approved by the NZLUG coordinators and published as appropriate, and as time permits.

The Mailing List - List Info and Archives.

The mailing list forms the core of the NZLUG. Dating back to the origins of the NZLUG concept back in the late 90s, it is an open-to-all means of discussing Linux and Linux related issues using email as the forum. The web archive is a resource in itself, as people discuss all manner of Linux related things and all posts are archived for posterity and the further use of others.

In January 2007 an Acceptable Use Policy for the NZLUG Mailing List was promulgated. A minor update to this was actioned in May 07.

Current information on this and other New Zealand LUGs can be found on our User Groups page.

We also offer our resources and subdomains of for use by other LUGs and NZ Linux resources. Currently sites that utilise these facilities include:

Auckland Linux Users Group [Ed: Now relocated to Google Groups]
The New Zealand Linux Wiki <[Ed: A 'skin' of the Waikato LUG Wiki. No longer working]
The Taranaki Linux Users Group [Ed: Status unknown.]

We also host a site in support of Linux Installfests nationwide. Check out [Ed: No longer working. Should be able to fix...]

Our vision is that the New Zealand Linux Users Group is a resource to benefit all New Zealand Linux enthusiasts. We stand beside, and in support of, the other LUGs available nationwide and hope to compliment them by doing what we can to provide a useful, nationally targetted resource. It's worth remembering, in the end, that NZLUG is the sum of its parts; the members of its Mailing List and participants in its events and organisation. Being a member is nothing more difficult than being on our mailing list and taking part.

Welcome aboard.