Being an early adopter of the ADSL Service known as Jetstream in NZ, and involved in the support of this product for 3 ISPs now, i've put together my own little set of documentation, software and other useful bits and pieces.

Below are some links you should find useful. - BlakJak's ADSL Page. Here is some of the stuff i've collected over time, including but not limited to:

  • Router Firmwares (Nokia and D-Link particularly)
  • PDF User Manuals for various DSL devices
  • Useful Links about ADSL and related technologies
  • A particularly useful document I wrote recently discussing the use of VPNs over ADSL - especially useful for people unfamiliar with PPPoA and NAT (i.e. those with experience in PPPoE environments, such as Australia, Europe and American DSL Networks.) This document also addresses the issue of 'multiple IPs over DSL' in New Zealand.

Of course all material and opinions are mine and don't represent any of the ISPs i've been associated with in the past or present.

Steves NZ ADSL Mini Billing FAQ - Covers a lot of Frequently Asked Questions largely culled from the NZ ADSL Mailing List(s) (Linked above, and also in my links section) - people really should read it before asking what will end up becoming a stupid question (by virtue of its already-answered-ness).

ADSL Modem Setup Document from - Also useful for people familiar with overseas DSL systems.

Exchange POP3 Connector Bug is now causing headaches all over. Check this out for more details.

Latest Update - 25 Nov 2004 - Now added some PDF Documentation on the Cisco 837 into a new Product Category for Cisco.